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Zodiac Couples Who Do Not Have A Long Life Together

The most unsuitable couples according to zodiac sign!

The qualities, defects, and affinities are also dictated by the zodiac. This is how some couples are incompatible in the long term because the defining traits of the two zodiac signs do not make a good home together. Of course, there are exceptions, so belonging to the wrong zodiac sign shouldn’t be a reason to give the slippers or beer to the fugitives from the first moment.

Top incompatible zodiac signs in a couple

Aries and Cancer

The energetic, direct, and single-minded Aries will unwittingly step on the sensitive Cancer’s feelings. The fire sign wants freedom and passion, the water sign is looking for stability and romance. Maybe in the beginning the opposites attract, but with time the Aries will give in nervously, and the Cancer will choose with a broken heart. When it becomes obvious that stress and resentment are stronger than love, better say goodbye! Aries should also avoid romantic relationships with Capricorns, and Cancers should stay away from Libra.

Taurus and Aquarius

Aquarians are far too rebellious for the unwavering principles of the conservative Taurus. Their charm may seem irresistible at first, but it disappears as you notice how different your concerns are. In addition, as much as Taurus is possessive, those born under the sign of Aquarius love freedom. And neither of them is willing to let go of him. Nor would the relationship of a Taurus with a Leo or an Aquarius with a Scorpio be much more successful, if both are not willing to make major compromises.

Gemini and Pisces

Geminis are curious, they like to discover, and experiment and can easily be attracted by dreamy and mysterious Pisces. However, the sensitivity of Pisces means a lot of need for attention and affection, while Gemini is dominated by intellect, and logic and can sometimes be mischievous even without realizing it. If you don’t give Pisces time and don’t surround him with your care, you lose him. Distrust and instability stand in the way of your happiness. Gemini with Virgos, but also Pisces with Sagittarius have equally low compatibility.

Leo and Scorpio

We are talking here about two strong and warlike signs, proud, who can hardly make peace. The independent Leo will soon get fed up with Scorpio’s need for control and jealousy, because he cannot bear to be dominated. In addition, as straightforward as Leo is, Scorpio is as secretive as he is, waiting for you to guess his thoughts so that he can then reproach you for not succeeding. It’s true, after heated arguments, hot reconciliations follow in the bedroom, but things can’t be solved like this forever. Leo and Taurus or Scorpio and Aquarius don’t get along at all!

Virgo and Sagittarius

Virgos are devoted and soulful, while Sagittarius is inclined towards adventures and infidelity, bringing many tears in the lives of these natives who dream of a stable partner who is dependent on them. In addition, a fire sign, Sagittarius gets excited quickly, while Virgo’s calmness disarms and even annoys him because it cuts short his enthusiasm and desire for adventure. While Sagittarius wants to solve everything as soon as you clap your hands, Virgo is meticulous, shy, and the unexpected scares her.

Virgos should also avoid Gemini, and Sagittarius, Pisces!

Libra and Capricorn

The strong physical attraction will keep you together until the first misunderstandings arise. Capricorn is tight-lipped and introverted, but also too insistent for the rather unstable Libra, who always wants something new and loves challenges. Boredom and blasé are what put such a love relationship on hold, Capricorn being far too down-to-earth and serious for Libra, always eager for fun and new things. Libra should stay as far as possible from love relationships with Cancers, and Capricorns should run away from Aries!

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