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Zodiac Arranged for the chance to have a panic Attack


Even this headline led to a panic attack. “Is she talking about me?

Why is she talking about me? She does not even know me! Why should she make me so public?

Does this affect my credit score and reputation in the community? “Well, I’m talking about you – you need to calm down. Take a deep breath. All this panic is not good for your health. “


They live in a state of constant fear. Are you losing your job? Will your friend leave you?

Should you have that weird liver spot checked on your shoulder? Why did you have to notice this liver spot five minutes after the doctor’s closure?

Is it possible to die of skin cancer overnight?

What if you go to the emergency room but die of skin cancer before you can be examined? That would be horrible!


Even small things can become a problem child and a hanger for you. They go to the grocery store to get some chips and lemonade, but what if they do not have a dr. Pepper have?

They really felt like dr. Pepper, but what if they do not have it?

Alarm. Rage. Sirens go off. Lights are flashing. Godzilla destroys Tokyo. Armageddon.


You do not sweat so fast, but the first hint of danger makes you sweat.

If you get really bad news, your heart starts racing and knocking. Her hands start to shake. Her mind gets out of control.

It’ll either take a long hug or a nice strong drink, preferably both so you do not crawl up the walls.


They only tend to panic when it comes to their perceived social status.

Social disapproval, or even the suggestion that you might one day be slightly unpopular or disliked by just one person, is what causes you great excitement.

You want to be liked, so start to see the concept of everyone who does not like you.


They worry about things that do not happen and are still ironic in really stressful situations.

For example, if you’ve stopped by a police officer for 95 miles an hour, it does not bother you at all. That’s because you’re concerned about whether you’ll someday get a tapeworm if you eat too much sushi.


It depends on how stressful the situation is. Bad traffic on the way to work?

You will just send a text message to your manager saying that you may be late. Then relax and turn your radio on while the traffic continues at a snail’s pace.

But then you get fired because you came to work too late, even though the traffic was bad and you sent a text message that you thought would smooth things out? OK, now you panic.


You become smarter and smarter in the course of your life. Things that would have left you in a hysterical outburst ten years ago are now slipping you down.

In ten years, someone could call you and say your house is on fire and you would simply say, “OK, pour some water on it and let me know how it works.”


You bear the eternal wisdom of a cat loitering on the windowsill, staring at the world, eyes slowly staring with narrowed eyes as she picks up everything.

They are even in the alarming circumstances balanced and calm. You have the patience of Job and the power of Gandhi and you are so charming that you both fight for the right to be your friend.


Lady, you are a cool cucumber.

You know that panic only adds a second problem. If you need to change a tire on a dark and lonely road, you know in your heart that freaking out only makes things worse.

They were not in the mood to change a tire, but there’s no sense in torturing it. Just change it and get back on track.


They are the eye of the hurricane. The calm before and after the storm of everyone else.

A stone that stands still and bold despite the violent winds. An anvil that wears out so many hammers. No matter what life throws at you, you will never panic.

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