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Do you consider yourself a funny person? Here’s what the stars say about you.

A variety is always created within a group of people which together gives a sort of homogeneity. Different personalities who confront and relate and who often and willingly come to form a sort of prototype of the small society. Among the many personalities, one of those that tends to stand out the most, precisely because of its recreational role, is that of the funny person. That, that is, that tends to entertain others with interesting jokes or arguments and that, in some cases, manages to keep the attention on itself alive through the positive hilarity it manages to arouse. These are generally well-liked people because of their ability to bring joy to others, making moments in company more sparkling and never predictable. Today, after seeing which sentence best defines each zodiac sign and what is the philosophy of each of us, we will try to understand if and how much fun we are in the eyes of others.

Horoscope: Find out if others find you funny or not

Aries – Very funny
Of the signs of the zodiac, yours is without a doubt one of the funniest. Your desire to always do something and the ability with which you dive into each new adventure make you a person that is never predictable and, consequently, interesting. In the eyes of others you are an excellent company to spend carefree and fun evenings and certainly the right person to contact when you want to organize a successful evening. In short, within a group you are undoubtedly a well-liked person that many even consider indispensable for a complete evening.

Taurus – Not very funny
In life you are too used to taking yourself seriously to be a funny person. Of course, you too have your moments but among the characteristics that most identify you, there is certainly not that of the funny person. In your favor, however, you have the innate ability to make everyone feel at home. Which is why your friends love the thought of spending time at your house, perhaps tasting one of your delicacies that you are usually known for.

Gemini – Extremely Funny
Your sign could be said to be the funniest in the zodiac. Your desire to be in the world and to enjoy every single moment is in fact much appreciated by others who, in your company, know they can have fun always and in any circumstance. The cheerfulness that distinguishes you and the imagination you put into everything you do make you the soul of the group, always at the center of attention and able to lift even the laziest evenings. Reason why always sought after by friends and acquaintances.

Cancer – Unfunny
Your homely disposition doesn’t make you a fun person. When it comes to partying, in fact, you are more inclined to take a step back than one forward and to this is added the fact that, given the choice, you prefer not tiring activities that allow you to spend as much time as possible at home. Luckily you have on your side the sweetness that still makes you a very appreciated person within a group and that you give your best in moments of relaxation, those in which you feel in your comfort zone, moving at your best.

Leo – Not so funny
As active as you are and always ready to try new things, your character does not make you a funny person and this is because you tend more to put yourself in the center of attention than to involve others in what you do. If it comes to being able to encourage action, you are certainly very good but for fun it is better to take a step back, enjoying the attention of others. After all, you don’t need to be funny for others to notice you, do you?

Virgo – Anything but fun
Let’s face it, the fun part of you is mostly latent so you can make room for that criticism and always focused on how to best do everything. Although in company you manage to be nice, it all stops there, giving you a very different role and more aimed at solving practical problems. A context in which you are certainly more at ease and where you know you can give your best, also helping those around you. Which is why you still enjoy some importance within your circle of friends. After all, being funny isn’t everything, is it?

Libra – A lot of fun
Although you are a seemingly calm person and more for peace of mind, the passion you put into everything you do and the love for whimsical and different things make you a very funny person. Yours is more than anything else a way of being thanks to which you are able to bring joy during the evenings in company and all because you are always ready to laugh out loud or find simple activities but able to entertain others. Your presence within a group is therefore always sought after and popular.

Scorpio – Not Too Funny
Let’s face it, your role in a group is certainly not that of the funny person. You are the one that attracts for its mysterious area and that at the most fascinates everything. The funny moments are usually reserved for others who, nevertheless, consider you an excellent shoulder, able to sustain the conversation and to contribute in giving the evenings in company that something more difficult to define but able to make the past moments together unforgettable. And this may very well be enough.

Sagittarius – Really funny
Your spontaneity and the cheerfulness that distinguishes you make you a very funny person and able to give a touch of spice to the moments spent in company. For friends you are the perfect person to turn to to organize something exciting and this even if everyone knows that your presence is never to be taken for granted. Your desire to always have new experiences, in fact, leads you to move constantly, in search of new stimuli and new people to get to know and from which to learn always new things.

Capricorn – Not Fun
In a group you are often appreciated for your ability to listen and keep a conversation going. But fun is something that just doesn’t belong to you. While knowing how to appreciate those who want to party or are able to keep the evenings alive, you prefer to take a different, more calm and relaxed attitude. This is the reason why you are the one to whom you join in moments of relaxation or between a dance and another, when you want to converse in peace and reconnect with reality.

Aquarius – Almost Nothing Fun
Fun is not your thing. You do not love to live it as others intend it and, consequently, you are unable to pass it on to others. For you, the top evening is to be spent in the company of a few friends or doing something you like without too much confusion around. From yours you have a fresh and spontaneous irony, able to make others smile. Your personal ability to entertain, however, stops there.

Pisces – Fun based on the days
Although you are a person who can have fun and appreciate the good times spent in company, your nature leads you not to be a person who excels in the ability to have fun. Often you change based on the days or mood you have and the sympathy you feel for those around you, many times your empathy leads you to feel the fun of others to ride it like a wave, except to be able to close in on yourself even just in the presence of a single person who is not very happy. In short, if you want to have fun at all costs, you are not 100% reliable. On the other hand, however, you are a person who is always pleasant to have with you and who when he is in his creative and positive mood can really change a day for the better.

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