It happens to everyone, at least once in a while, to doubt themselves. We can assure you, though, that the most insecure signs of the zodiac always do!

This is not new, of course, that in the world there are certain persons of himself and people who … well, doubt of all their actions!
Today, therefore, we decided to ask for stars and planets to help us, establishing a very particular ranking.

Like? Do you think you might be there too? Ah, no, wait you’re not sure. Will it be bad to be there? Here, we can’t … ah, ok, you’re sure you are there too.
Okay, come on, just with hesitation: discover together the standings (although maybe you do not need them).

The most insecure signs of the zodiac: hey, are you by chance in today’s horoscope ranking?

How insecure do you think you are in life? After all, everyone happens to have doubts or to ask questions about their career path (or studies), their partner (yes), or even their expectations. Nothing wrong with asking yourself some questions, don’t you think?

Think that, instead, there are people who can’t help but question everything and everyone. They are simply insecure, anxious, and, ultimately, truly neurotic.
Sometimes they manage to put anxiety on you that you can’t control while they wallow in insecurity all day!

Okay, come on, let’s not blame them. It can’t be easy to be one of the most insecure signs in the whole zodiac, don’t you think?
Well, then it’s time to try to understand them better (or avoid them altogether) with our ranking today!

Taurus: fifth place

Yes, dear friends of the Taurus, it is useless to continue to hide it. The Taurus people are very insecure, especially when they can not get what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

Extremely precise and rational, organized and oriented towards order, those born under the sign of Taurus question everything as soon as they don’t have their usual routine at hand.
They are an extremely insecure sign: it takes very little to put them in trouble!

Virgo: fourth place

Even the Virgin, to our surprise, is located in the ranking of horoscope today. Like? Would those born under the sign of Virgo be insecure?
The answer is absolutely yes: we are sorry to have to reveal this feature of theirs!

The Virgin is a sign that likes to get everything precise and ordered according to their thinking patterns. There cannot be even one iota out of place on pain, incredibly, their complete loss of rationality and security.
As soon as something is not as they imagined those born under the sign of Virgo become extremely nervous and… well, completely insecure!

Cancer: third place

Dear Cancers, you too are truly insecure people, aren’t you?
Those born under this sign, in fact, often and willingly behave as if making a decision is something too difficult for them.
And, indeed, most of the time it is!

Cancer is one of those people who always think of every possible situation, only to get stuck in probability.
To do or not to do? Doing too much or doing too little? Cancer will always be too insecure (and particularly talkative about it!).

Aries: second place

Although the opinion of others matters very little for those born under the sign of Aries, we can assure you that they are truly insecure.
All they do is ask and constantly ask for help and reassurance, opinions and opinions from practically anyone!

The Aries are people who always need confirmation from the outside: he does not seem to have achieved anything if you do not hear the opinion of others!
Too bad, then, for them, the opinion of others counts as a crumpled sheet of paper: just know what you think, they run immediately to ask for someone else the same thing!

The Aries, unfortunately for them, are like that: they are a mix between a person extremely insecure and a person who does not care for anyone.
Their insecurity has no cure, simply because they are the first to question themselves!

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most insecure signs of the zodiac

Dear Libra friends, don’t make that face! Yes, we have exposed you in front of everyone but it was time to do it.
Everyone should know that you are insecure given the way (sometimes really exaggerated) in which you behave!

The balance is a particularly insecure sign (in fact, is the most insecure of all) who live in anxiety continues that someone finds out.
For those born under the sign of Libra, it is very important to always pretend. We are sorry to say it but it is like this: Libra often feels they have to please others, pretending to live a life or to be a ” precise ” person.

The insecurity of the balance, therefore, is also informed by the fact that often they are pretending or are behaving in a forced manner.
Woe to trying to understand how things are with Libra: it is a sign that he has no qualms about lying and becoming aggressive when you point out his insecurity!


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