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We hope you are not among the most compliant zodiac signs in the whole horoscope! These signs never fight for themselves – let’s find out who they are!

You know those people who, as soon as you fight them, immediately give in and let you do practically what you want when you want?
Even if it is bad to say, those who behave this way probably do it for the sake of peace life but often end up being a person that others discredit or do not fully esteem.
What a shame!
Let’s find out immediately who are the five signs that, in the horoscope, are known as the most compliant, submissive, and quiet. It’s not like you’re among them too, are you?

The most yielding zodiac signs of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking of the zodiac

How many times have you had to “put your foot down” to enforce your point of view? Probably many since, in life, many people are decidedly arrogant or convinced that the world is theirs and that others must adapt.
Think about what your life would be like if you never fought for yourself and your needs but simply give up whenever someone tries to bully you.

Here, what you have imagined is practically reality for many people: those who are part of the most yielding zodiac signs of the whole horoscope!
Better find out who these signs are right away, so you know how to deal with them. You could try to bully ( but we don’t recommend it, because it’s really bad to be with others) or understand that your friend of that sign needs extra encouragement to speak out about him when you are all together.

Hey, there is also the possibility that you can find your sign in today’s horoscope ranking, and then yes that would be trouble: that this is one of those wake-up calls that now and then are necessary for everyone?

Cancer: fifth place

Dear Cancer, if you don’t start putting your feet up on the important issues and putting the dots on the i’s you will always be in the ranking of the most compliant zodiac signs!
Cancers have this dread of arguments as if asserting their point of view is something that could make others particularly angry or sad.

Cancer is a person capable of being very stubborn and tenacious but when it comes to dealing with others all these attitudes vanish.
Dear Cancers, it’s time to stand up, okay? Stop it… well, getting your feet on your head!

Capricorn: fourth place

Are those born under the sign of Capricorn in the ranking of the most yielding zodiac signs of the zodiac? Maybe we’re getting confused with someone else because, literally, it just doesn’t seem possible!
Yet, dear Capricorns, you know very well that you are truly compliant when you want.

Capricorn lives by the philosophy that the fewer discussions there are, the fewer problems you have to face. True standard-bearers of quiet living, Capricorns will always say yes to you, never arguing. They want to be at peace and that means they never want to take a stand on anything! Then, behind your back, Capricorn will always do what he wants: do not trust their apparent stillness!

Libra: third place

Dear Libra, it is time to realize that being a lover of quiet living and wanting to be nice to everyone are two very different things.
Unfortunately for you, however, they seem to be particularly indistinguishable!

Libra is, in fact, a compliant sign precisely because it wants to be everyone’s favorite.
He would never allow himself to be in a position of criticism or discussion with other people, no matter who they are. Libra likes to pleaseThis is why, unfortunately, Libra is a particularly compliant sign, capable of harboring a lot of grudge under the ashes, and which often risks becoming particularly poisonous!

 Gemini: second place

But now, the compliant Gemini? Are we wrong, is it even possible? As far as we know, Gemini is a passionate person and determined to always put themselves on the front line, ready to fight and throw everything away when it comes to their interests. How can they be compliant?

Here, perhaps we immediately hit the sore spot: Gemini are compliant when their interests are not mentioned. And we all know that the interests of Gemini are a little like a butterfly: today they land on this topic (and Gemini is taken by whatever it is), tomorrow they are already fluttering towards something different.

Gemini does not care not to be compliant because they are naturally compliant. Only something that interests them keeps them anchored to the sun and makes them fight but the Gemini cares very few things. Like the fox who doesn’t get to grapes, Geminis are a little capable of showing interest in something they may not have. That’s why they are compliant!

Pisces: first place in the ranking of the most yielding zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

Dear Pisces, do not be offended when we tell you that you are compliant and that, indeed, you are more compliant than any other zodiac sign.
Unfortunately for you, it is true: never fight for yourself and your needs or necessities!

Pisces are, in fact, absolutely kind and nice people but perhaps they are a little too much.
The idea that they have to argue with another person puts them in crisis.
Why fight? Better to give up and immediately, do as others want and try to have a good face in the face of a bad game. There is nothing wrong with that!

Dear Pisces, we do not want to tell you how to live your life but, perhaps, if you were less compliant and a little more combative when it comes to important things you could feel better about yourself and with others. Think about it: after all, you are not at the top of today’s ranking by chance!

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