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If you are one of the most intuitive zodiac signs, surely you have already guessed who is the first of our horoscope ranking … right?

Come on, you also know that since childhood you have always had a way of doing very different from that of others.
You have always been able to immediately understand what was happening, to read people’s emotions. But how do you do it?
Perhaps the answer is hidden among the stars and planets and our ranking of today’s horoscope : would you like to discover it with us or do you already know it?

The most intuitive zodiac signs of the horoscope: discover today’s horoscope ranking

You have always known: you have an edge over others and that gear is called ” intuition “!
Unlike your friends, your relatives or your boyfriends, you have always been able to “understand” better than others what happens … in life!

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Maybe you are one of the most intuitive zodiac signs in the whole horoscope or maybe not. What is certain is that today’s horoscope ranking will help us understand what are those signs from which we cannot really hide anything… not even by mistake! Ready to find out the truth about yourself and the people around you?

Gemini: fifth place

The proverbial sensitivity of Gemini  really comes in handy when we talk about intuition. The Gemini , in fact, fully enter the ranking of the most intuitive zodiac signs of the horoscope: they are able to ” scan ” you from head to toe with just a glance!

If a Gemini has a bad feeling about you… well, they’re almost always right. They are among the most intuitive and mysterious signs of the zodiac: they almost never open to anyone!

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Pisces: fourth place

Meeting a person born under the sign of Pisces often leads to this question: ” But is this Pisces doing us or is there ?”. Pisces particularly like to pretend to be real “fools”, who do not understand anything about what is happening around them.
Don’t be fooled: Pisces are among the most intuitive people in the zodiac!

Have you ever noticed that Pisces always know  how to behave, in any situation?
The reason is that their intuition always guides them at a sure-footed pace, no matter what happens around them. What envy!

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Aquarius: third place

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are generally extremely practical in dealing with others. Feet always firmly planted on the ground, a solution on the lips and a lot of love in the heart: you certainly cannot imagine them different from this!

This does not mean, however, that Aquarians are not intuitive people … quite the opposite! What Aquarius choose to do , much more than often, is to turn a blind eye to your “escapades”, of whatever kind they are. Convinced as they are that in the end everyone is “salvable”, the Aquarius suffocate their intuition… but don’t think that there isn’t! They see everything and, sooner or later, act accordingly!

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Scorpio: second place

But is it possible that Scorpios , as pragmatic and with their heads on their shoulders as they are, are among the most intuitive zodiac signs of the horoscope ?
The answer is obviously yes: have you ever  really talked to a Scorpio ?

Those born under this sign are people who are able to ” read ” a room by simply entering the environment .
They recognize power relationships, weak characters and situations with a simple glance and are truly capable of making the most of these opportunities!

Scorpio is used to practicing his talent for intuition because he knows that it is the one that will give him a considerable advantage over everyone else.
There is a reason Scorpios are always viewed as leaders (and it is precisely the fact that they are very intuitive).

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Cancer: first place in the ranking of the most intuitive zodiac signs of the horoscope

Dear Cancerian friends , you probably already expected to be at the top of the chart of the most intuitive zodiac signs in the whole horoscope.
There is a reason, in fact, if you are not one of the least interesting of the zodiac : you always know everything about everyone … even before them!

Those born under the sign of Cancer , from this point of view, are truly magical!
They manage to understand everything about others and often even before they know them: just a glance! (To the person and to the social networks of the same: ok that they are magical but Cancers do not yet have the crystal ball).

Cancer is a sign from which you can not really hide anything : it is useless to try to “gabbar” him, telling him some lies (So ​​we are sorry if you are one of the most lying zodiac signs of all ). They are people who trust their instincts almost blindly since, more than once, it has led them to be right. Cancers are also people who try to give others more of a chance but when they decide to cut relationships you can be sure they will never come back: remember that being honest with them is the best thing to do!

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