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We all need support. The stars tell you which zodiac signs you’d better never relied on.

Life is like a school desk, over the years it teaches us many things, we treasure many experiences and we find ourselves having to overcome many tests. Some of them are particularly difficult and outside help, one person you can rely on could prove decisive. If you need help remember not to turn to these 4 zodiac signs.

Due to their personal needs, some people cannot be trustworthy. Find out which signs you’d better not rely on. They are special people and with many qualities but they have the defect of being too elusive.

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Who you should never rely on based on the zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign has its distinct personality. The sign confers strengths and weaknesses and while some signs are mentally strong and know how to face life with positivity, others break down easily and often need help. Likewise, there are signs that they are particularly reliable and others that they are not at all. Here are 4 signs of the zodiac you can never rely on:


Cancer people are governed by their emotions and get irritated very easily. Cancer often suffers from low self-esteem, mood swings, and periods of melancholy. Those who surround a Cancer know well how complicated it is to be near them but they also know that it is worthwhile because it is a sign capable of giving a lot and has contagious energy when it is at the height of its optimism.

Cancer is also the most empathic sign of the horoscope and no one can understand others like him. Given his efforts to recreate harmony with himself, counting on him is not always easy, if he is in a moment in which he seeks his balance and is not in a position to be reliable.

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For the Libra man, balance is key. To maintain this balance it takes a lot of effort and needs to channel energy and concentration. This makes it unreliable. If he is trying to restore his balance, he cannot be of any help to anyone also because he is in an indefinite emotional state.

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The sign of Pisces is compliant and gets carried away by the emotions it feels. It often happens that this sign touches the bottom and serves him to be reborn and regain his emotional stability. It’s like it does a reset. This is why you can’t count on him, you may often find him in his reset phase. When his rebirth occurs he is a person with unique qualities and whose company is invaluable.

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Those born under the sign of Virgo are emotionally weak, which makes them very inconsistent. Depending on their mood they react differently to situations. Today’s joy could turn into anger and frustration the next day. Those who live with a Virgo do not understand these sudden changes of mood very well and feel destabilized. You cannot count on a Virgo because what they say and promise is not a certainty, it all depends on the level of their anxiety which is usually very high. When he is in the mood he is a lot of fun, has a unique sense of humor, and knows how to make the people he loves happy.

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