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The stars reveal which women are most likely to fulfill their dream of motherhood in 2022.

Do you dream of becoming a mother? If your biological clock is calling and you have decided to have a baby, 2022 could be your lucky year as long as you belong to one of these zodiac signs.

If you want to expand your family, life offers you a great opportunity according to the stars. Some women are very likely to get pregnant in 2022. Regardless of what attempts have been made so far to succeed, if you belong to one of these four signs this could be your defining year.

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Here are the 4 signs of women likely to get pregnant in 2022

Each woman experiences pregnancy and the desire for motherhood in a unique way. Some have a lot of problems and worry excessively, others think only of the baby and the joy that the newborn will bring into their life. Excessive worries could also be a brake on the realization of this dream due to the considerable stress. The stars are sure that nothing will be in the way of pregnancy anymore for women of these 4 signs:


Women of this sign love new things and hate routine. A baby is the best news that life can offer. 2022 will be a year of great changes and these changes will prompt you to ask yourself many questions. From a professional standpoint, you will soon realize that a change is urgently needed, the only chance you have to consolidate your finances. Sentimentally, 2022 will be your best partner ally, this year will make your relationship strong and stable. This is the best time to crown your love with a child and the stars know it and are thinking of pleasing you by giving you this wonderful gift.

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Virgo is a precise and organized woman. This woman misses nothing and always knows what to do and how to do it best. Rash decisions are not part of your nature, always evaluate the pros and cons of each of your actions. Virgo is very attached to her loved ones and feels unconditional love for them. If you want to have a child, 2022 could be the right occasion, the stars after analyzing the position of the planets have found that women born under the sign of Virgo will embark on this journey of motherhood.

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Sensitive and very close to the family, the Cancer woman is very generous and empathetic. At times his temperament may seem exaggerated and he seems to throw tantrums, but he has a big heart and may have to make room in this big heart for another person, a new life. The stars also recommend taking advantage of these last months without a baby bump to do something that brings the right energy to better enjoy this new period of life.

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The Pisces woman is a great dreamer, she is intuitive and empathetic, her ear is always attentive to the needs of the people she loves and puts their needs before everything. This year the stars will return the benevolence of this Pisces woman by offering her a special gift, a pregnancy. The stars remind this woman of the importance of balancing meals to meet the nutritional needs of the unborn child.

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