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According to the stars, some female zodiac signs would be particularly inclined to be the worst mother-in-law of the Zodiac.

Relationships with the mother-in-law are often the basis of various conflicts within the family. The mother-in-law often turns out to be too intrusive, dispenses too much advice and is too protective of her children and this can annoy partners who, after having created a family of their own, would like more autonomy.

If your mother-in-law is particularly pushy it could be her zodiac sign. 5 women of the Zodiac have personalities that make them a bad mother -in-law . Find out if you are part of the ranking of the worst mother-in-laws in the Zodiac.

 The women of these 5 signs are the worst mothers-in-law in the Zodiac

The women of these 5 signs have the gift of upsetting the marital balance of their offspring. Too pushy and not very understanding, even when asked to step aside, they fail to comply with this request.

If you have a bad relationship with your mother-in-law and she is part of one of the 5 signs we are about to reveal to you, have patience, unfortunately it is the stars that make it difficult for you to fulfill this role.

The most unbearable mothers-in-law of the Zodiac are:


We know the Virgin for her being extremely precise and meticulous. She is especially so when her children are at stake. Sacred beings who in her opinion must be treated with the best possible care.  Virgo will not mind telling her daughter-in-law how she should take care of her son,  she will give subtle advice but she will be very insistent and will not miss dirty looks. The Virgin mother-in-law will surely test the patience of the bride of her son and this will create discord in the marital relationship.


The Aries native is a possessive sign and always needs to have control over his loved ones. Furthermore, Aries is always convinced that they know more than others. Sure he is right, he often thinks he knows what is best for everyone and if their opinion is not shared they resent it. This aspect makes an Aries mother- in-law particularly pushy and stubborn in giving advice and making sure that these advice are followed to the letter . Underlying her behavior are good intentions but the consequences of her actions lead to bad relationships.


The Sagittarius mother feels like the most important woman in her son’s life. When the son chooses a woman to always have by her side, she feels sorry and abandoned. She reluctantly accepts that her place next to her son is taken by her daughter-in-law and this prompts her to experience a kind of female rivalry . The mother-in-law Sagittarius will never fully accept her daughter-in-law and will not fail to contend for the affection of her beloved son.


Cancer is a sign closely linked to the value of the family. His children remain so forever and he insists on treating them as if they were still small. The intrusiveness of the Cancer mother-in-law will be irreproachable and insistent. She is the classic mother-in-law that you find at the door of the house even every day and who calls continuously and finds all kinds of excuses to go and give yet another hug to her son. The Cancer mother is always afraid that her son does not eat enough, she does not sleep enough, she does not relax enough therefore she reminds her daughter-in-law how to enjoy the life of her son.The positive side of the Cancer mother-in-law is that she is always available. At any moment he will ask for her help, she will run and will do it with pleasure. Despite her flaws, this side of her will make the relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law quite tolerable.


Mothers of the sign of Scorpio show too much interest in the life of their children. With them we must force distances but avoid conflicts . Never argue with a Scorpio mother-in-law, just simply listen to her advice she has to give and stay calm in the face of her criticism   of her and continue to do your own thing. The Scorpio mother-in-law does not require her daughter-in-law to behave as she wishes, in fact she appreciates that the daughter-in-law takes her into consideration and listens to her point of view. This is enough to iron out differences with a native Scorpio mother-in-law.

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