Find out which women love to discuss animatedly with their partner and which, on the other hand, would like a relationship that is always serene.

Arguing is one of the things that unites couples. As much as you love each other, the difference between two people always leads to discussing certain things. Through discussions we get to know each other better, we have the opportunity to express ourselves directly and we also test the ability to make peace and clarify by finding new meeting points. Arguing, therefore, can be a positive aspect for the couple. Especially if you do it right. However, in the couple, there must not be only discussions. Otherwise, there would be tension between the two sides that is difficult to manage. A problem that some couples find themselves experiencing and sometimes at the behest of one of the two. Some people somehow like to argue.

Some like to do it to feel alive, those who like to keep the relationship alive, and those who particularly love the moment when they make peace. All aspects that, in the long run, can tire those who find themselves undergoing even useless discussions. Since in most cases the love for discussions concerns us women and some signs of the zodiac, in particular, today after having seen what pushes the zodiac signs to close a story and which are the most aggressive signs of the zodiac, we will find out what they are women who like to argue with their partner. An aspect for which it is always advisable to check the profile of the ascendant. In this way, you will have a clearer idea of ​​what to expect and how to moderate it.

Women of the zodiac who love to argue with their partner

Aries – Those who do not like discussions very much
Although those born under the sign of Aries are notoriously combative and always ready for confrontation, arguing with the partner is not among their priorities. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t. Because of their temperament, it is very easy for them to have to manage more than one discussion. The problem is that in the couple’s relationship they would like to have always won. So when that doesn’t happen they get frustrated. Be careful, however, because even excess in an opposite sense is not well seen by them.

The natives of the sign love to have someone who stands up to them. In doing so, however, they are happy only in facing some small bickering. If things get worse, their reaction is far from positive. It could be said that in the face of continuous discussions, the natives of the sign may decide to give up their partner.

Taurus – Those who like to argue to assert their position
Contrary to what one might think, the natives of Taurus are by no means strangers to discussions with their partners. They tend to be ready to argue with just about everyone. This depends on their always wanting to be precise and to affirm their thoughts as much as possible. Although they are usually friendly and calm when something interests them in a particular way they are very keen to express their thoughts. And in doing so they are willing to engage in real discussions to validate it and, if possible, also convince others. When they have to do with the partner this way of being is expressed with even more force. The natives of the sign seen in the two-way discussion a reason for growth as well as a way to get to know and understand each other better. It must be said that their way of discussing tends to be calm and calm and never invasive. While putting their whole soul into it, they know how to be convincing without ever getting upset. And this makes them pleasant in their way.

Gemini – Those who don’t like arguments
Those born under the sign of Gemini are people who tend to change mood often and therefore, while loving everything unpredictable, at the same time they also need certain stability. When they are with someone, they, therefore, like to have the opportunity to experience pleasant moments free from unnecessary discussions. Nevertheless, in general, within the couple they are the ones who always point out everything, thus triggering possible disputes. Having said that, even if they often do not realize it, the natives of the sign dream of a relationship in which to understand each other on the fly with the partner and in which to have fun as much as possible. Every moment of tension is avoided by them and when they just can’t, they prefer to isolate themselves and wait for the situation to subside by itself. Certainly, an unsuitable way to resolve possible conflicts. For them, however, it is the only possible one. Faced with a story that they identify as problematic, they prefer to give up and start looking elsewhere.

Cancer – Those who prefer to be right without having to argue
When it comes to arguments, Cancer natives are by no means in favor. Even less so if it is the partner. Used to always having won, they think that everything is due to them and when someone proves to have a different thought from theirs, they don’t usually take it well. If the partner does it, of course, things get complicated. For their way of understanding the relationship, the partner should be the one who always gives them support, encourages them to do better, and helps them to reach every goal. Someone who turns against him, therefore, is viewed negatively. Most of the time, even in the face of a discussion that could be constructive for both, the natives of the sign take it personally, sulking and making themselves unavailable to confrontation. For this reason, even before committing to someone, they try to make sure he is a condescending person and willing to let him through all of them. Discovering that they were wrong in their choice is something that deeply disappoints them and could even push them to conclude the story.

Leo – Those who do not accept that there are discussions
Those born under the sign of Leo are people who used to always being the center of attention. This often leads them to be in some way spoiled by those around them. Arguing to get something is not something they are prepared for. And when it comes to a relationship between two, things get even more complicated. In addition to not accepting the thought of having to argue with the partner, they tend to see any contrary attitude as something negative and to be condemned. For them, the relationship must always be as sunny as possible, with a partner ready to offer his support on every occasion. Among other things, they need to feel understood whatever they do, and if it doesn’t happen the way they want it they take it.

As it is easy to guess, therefore, they are not entirely exempt from arguing. Indeed, if they think there is something to discuss they do. Their only goal, however, is not to find a meeting point but to assert their thoughts and get the better of their partner.

Virgo – Those who hate having to argue
Virgo natives have a strange relationship with arguments. It can be said that they hate them and that for this reason they always try to avoid them. Due to their meticulous character and the habit of criticizing their partner often and willingly, they end up being the first to give life to several fights. Unfortunately, this dichotomy pushes them not to know how to manage discussions and this always risks hurting their relationship. If on the one hand, they pretend to be able to say everything that comes into their mind, on the other hand, they need their partner to always agree with their thinking. When this does not happen, they take it to death, leading to real quarrels that struggle to stop. Unfortunately, they are not usually aware of this way of doing things and if those who stay with them cannot find a meeting point that can satisfy them, the relationship between the two can be said to be at risk. The natives of the sign tend to distance themselves from everything they find inconvenient or not suited to their way of being.

Libra – Those who prefer not to have to argue
Those born under the sign of Libra have an extremely personal way of understanding life. Because of their constant search for beauty, they want to be surrounded by people who can relax them and give them positive emotions. Having to argue is therefore something they abhor. And all even if they are often the ones who give life to the most heated discussions. Although they are always friendly and nice in their ways, they have a habit of saying what they think without worrying too much about how the listener might react. This is because if they think they are giving useful advice they do not understand any resistance on the other side. An attitude that needless to say occurs several times with the partner.

The discussions make them in fact in a bad mood, leading them to withdraw into themselves even for several hours and sometimes even for whole days. An aspect that limits the sharing of ideas unless they are perfectly in line with theirs. Even if they tend to avoid arguing, therefore, it can be said that those born under the sign of Libra easily end up arguing. Which makes them tired and upset a lot.

Scorpio – Those who love constructive discussions
The natives of Scorpio are people with strong character and able to know each other at 365 degrees. For this reason, they have a hard time being compliant when they don’t like something. Sharp and always ready to improve themselves (but also to help others in this regard) they never back down when it comes to arguing. What matters is that these are constructive discussions and not arguments for their own sake. That said, the natives of the sign, if it is the kind of discussion they consider right, are quite prone to having it with the partner. In this way, they feel they know him a little better and reach greater intimacy with him. In addition, being able to be together and tease each other continuously with small bickering or mini discussions is good for them. A way like any other to keep the couple alive, avoiding monotony and always having something to deal with. All aspects that, if also appreciated by the partner, can be beneficial. The result would be that of a couple more united and more capable of withstanding even more serious discussions.

Sagittarius – Those who are constantly looking for discussion
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a particular temper and when they live a couple of relationships they tend to show it more clearly. Lovers of discussions, they get excited briefly and can carry them on even for days. For them, it is essential to always be right and to be able to get the partner on their side. Thus, every pretext becomes a way to test oneself and verify one’s abilities in this sense on the field. An attitude that, unless you find a partner who likes them loves the relationship that is always on and made up of ups and downs, can be heavy.

When they start a discussion the natives of the sign give life to a sort of personal war that can only end with a winner. Coming together is not an aspect they contemplate. And, for this way of doing, they risk going into real quarrels as well as moments of tension for the couple. An aspect that in some cases could even lead to a couple of crises.

Capricorn – Those who like to argue just to be right
Capricorn natives have a habit of always wanting to be right. Whether they are right or wrong is of little importance to them. Every moment is the right one to show others that their thinking is the only one that is correct and to is taken into consideration. For this reason, they never pull themselves in front of an argument. A moment in which, rather than discussing, they limit themselves to having their say without almost listening to others. For their part, there is no desire to improve or to find a meeting point. The only thing that matters is proving once again that you are right. An attitude that they have in life with everyone but which is even more exasperated towards the partner. Talking about themselves is so natural to them that they hardly care what their partner wants. And this in the long run can lead to an increasingly distant relationship, devoid of dialogue and in which the two parties hardly know each other anymore. However, it is a problem that the natives of the sign struggle to solve, and all because they really can’t think that they are always right.

Aquarius – Those who hate discussions
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who love to live in total serenity. For them, any small discussion is absolute to be avoided. When they can, therefore, they try to let it go and to postpone or completely avoid clashes that could also turn out to be peaceful. Having to talk about something on which they disagree with others is something that does not interest them. Confident, they tend to think they are right and ignore what others think. An aspect that unfortunately is also reflected in romantic relationships. Arguing with their partner is something they don’t even consider. So, if they happen to have different points of view they prefer to ignore it and do things on their own.

Pisces – Those who prefer not to have to argue
The natives of Pisces have a great desire to experience emotions as positively as possible. While they do not back down when necessary, they, therefore, prefer to avoid any form of discussion. An attitude that is even more valid with the partner. In their vision of things, love should be something positive in which the two parties are always in agreement and at the same time complicit. When things show themselves differently, they tend to be disappointed. Nonetheless, they understand the need to confront each other on certain issues. So, when they happen to find themselves in these situations, they agree to do so but always resolve any quarrel soon.

For them the discussion, if there has to be, must prove constructive and able to bring them closer to the partner and never the other way around. A way of doing that proves useful. Above all to ensure that the relationship remains alive and solid and to maintain the complicity and harmony of the couple. Another aspect that the natives of the sign consider extremely important.

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