Enough, it’s time to tell us the truth: are you one of the most negative zodiac signs in the whole horoscope? Don’t lie: look, today’s ranking will tell us the truth anyway!

There are people, we know it well, who always respond to any situation with a refusal: both literal and emotional!
Today we decided to talk about all those zodiac signs that just can’t help but be always negative … in every situation!
Ready to find out who is in the rankings?

The most negative zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: here is today’s ranking

It happens to everyone, to some more and some less, to have a bad day .

The most negative zodiac signs of the whole horoscope, however, have a negative day every other day … well!
That is why we have decided to collect the first five of the most negative signs in the horoscope .
After all, it is very important in life to surround yourself with positive and proactive people: open eyes, therefore, when you meet one of these signs!

Cancer: fifth place

Yes, dear Cancer , you are in the ranking of the most negative zodiac signs of the whole horoscope. The reason? But it is easy to say!

You are people absolutely always ready to have a bleeding heart: you love everyone, much too much. This is why you are always negative: you are afraid of everything, from the unexpected to the tragedy, and you end up living a life that is always on the downside rather than focusing on having experiences!

Scorpio: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Scorpio are people who have a decidedly curious philosophy of life.

The Scorpios , in fact, think as if they lived in a book of Murphy’s laws: what can go wrong, will.
For this reason, Scorpios are particularly always ready to be negative: nothing can go well because they … live it like this!

Capricorn: third place

Even those born under the sign of Capricorn are found in our horoscope ranking today because they just can’t help but be negative.
Capricorns , in fact, worry about everything, always: this is why they are really very negative !

For them, even if it’s really worth trying everything, always saying no is the best way to make sure they don’t have a traumatic experience.
Can we blame them? Capricorns generally are very detached from their feelings and therefore struggle to accept something new in life. Who knows how many worries it could bring!

Aquarius: second place

Let’s face it: those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who don’t even have time to live, let alone to be negative!
For them, negativity is simply implied: their brains are always accelerating, ready to think about all the possibilities that could go wrong in any situation.

Aquarians combine this volcanic brain that practically never stops thinking about a way of life and caring for others that is even more pressing when it comes to new places or unknown situations . The fear of others, the terror of putting them in a position that could harm them makes the Aquarius the real kings and queens of the word: “No!”.

Taurus: first place in the ranking of the most negative zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

The reason is clear: Taurus like to say no, always and in any case and on principle, to anything!

Dear Taurus , don’t blame us if we tell you the truth: when is the last time you said yes to anything that hasn’t been carefully planned and scrutinized by you first?
You always do the same things, with the same people and in the same ways: the new, for you, always brings too many elements that are difficult to catalog, which put you in complete difficulty.
For you, saying no is a way to stay in your  comfort zone : we understand you, of course, but know that by dint of saying no you Taurus have become very… negative!


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