Yes, there is a ranking of zodiac signs that love winter: are you among them? Let’s find out now: summer is not really for them!

You know the cold ? Wool sweaters, hot chocolates, Santa Claus and all those things there?
Well, the zodiac signs that are in today ‘s chart are looking forward to the return of winter . This is their favorite season and they really can’t help but want it with all their hearts. Let’s find out the ranking together, so you already know if that person will start complaining about the hot temperatures!

The zodiac signs who love winter: here is today’s horoscope ranking

No, it’s not just about loving the cold or temperatures that don’t make you want to take all your clothes off .

The zodiac signs who love winter are all those people who just can’t wait to be able to experience the three winter months !
Lovers of Christmas, of the dark at three in the afternoon and of cold currents as sharp as knives, those born under this sign are really in trouble lately.
Let’s find out who we’re talking about, so we can avoid talking to them about our plans for the summer !

Leo: fifth place

Despite being born in the summer, Leos are not fans of this season and neither are they hot fans.

On the contrary! Leos are people who love the cold and the winter time is just perfect for them.
They particularly love Christmas: when they can be with their family without feeling ” silly ” or ” dull “!

Scorpio: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Scorpio really appreciate winter very much: for them it is one of the best times there is throughout the year!

Although Scorpios are not fans of heavy coats or closed shoes, the reality is that winter is their favorite season because they feel more in control of themselves during this time. The heat makes Scorpios lazy and they simply hate feeling this way!

Taurus: third place

Thing? The heat and the spring or the summer? Yuck, don’t even joke that to Taurus : they hate all these things cordially!

Taurus especially like winter: they find it to be a magical time. The cold stimulates them and they also love to dress “for the part”. Taurus generally have lots of jackets, turtleneck sweaters and long pants that they love to show off in winter .
In summer, with sweat always lurking and the desire to do nothing, the Taurus are really uncomfortable: their season is definitely winter!

Aquarius: second place

Aquarians are also absolutely not fans of summer and heat and simply love winter.
What better time to curl up by the window, be close to loved ones and be able to focus on yourself?

Aquarius are extremely generous and purposeful people, who really love others.
In summer or when it starts to get hot, however, those born under the sign of Aquarius begin to see their family (both blood and “built”) disintegrate. Everyone has something to do, everyone plans holidays and trips: the Aquarius begins to feel alone and rejected!
For Aquarians , summer is by no means a great time while winter is the time when their qualities can come out. The choice is made!

Pisces: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs who love winter

How? Pisces would be winter lovers, right?
Let’s start from an important assumption: whatever winter holiday there is in the world, Pisces will always be ready in the front row to celebrate it.
They can’t help it: Pisces are absolutely people who find winter wonderful!

For Pisces , in fact, living in the “cold” is simply fantastic. They can be cool, graceful and gorgeous in winter while Pisces struggle to keep their aura of mystery in the summer!. Pisces are true winter lovers: don’t try to sell them the idea of ​​summer!


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