Women who rethink everything and are very careful and critical are usually not without reason. They take more time to trust and may be much more difficult to understand than others because they can be very insecure and self-contained when it comes to love. But the effort is worth it – because once you have won your heart, they are honest, loyal and deeply emotional partners who stick to their partner in good and bad times. They are different from all women you have known so far and you have to recognize their magic first …

Honesty & challenge

Their affection is sincere and their love pure and honest. She treats her husband as she would like to be treated. She means what she says. If you ask her for her opinion, she will always answer honestly. However, discussions and setbacks are not uncommon. She puts every word on the gold scales and is very critical, questions a lot and can sometimes be uncomfortable. She is just pushing her limits and trying to lure you out of the reserve to find out if you deserve her trust. Deliberate manipulation or deliberate injustices are however far from her.

What you do not want, what is done to you, does not harm anyone else.

Trust & dedication

Precisely because she has been injured, she is particularly careful and will put you through its paces to make sure that you really deserve her and her trust. You may have to bite hard, because it takes a long time until she has the necessary security and the feeling that you are absolutely serious about her. She wants a partner who understands and loves her as she is. Uncertainly, she will question (at first) every word and every action you take and will doubt it again and again. However, once you have won her trust, she is your most loyal companion and leaves no doubt about you. It will also always keep your back free. Once you have passed her exam, she becomes much more open to you and shows her affection in various ways. Because if she loves, then with all her heart. But she expects the same from you – unconditional, honest love. She will never try to manipulate you, but is honest and immediate in her expressions. Sometimes too honest. But you always know where you are. She knows that you don’t play with feelings – and to make you jealous or to deliberately offend you is simply far from her.

A woman who thinks too much will never act headless or rash. She is reflective and knows what she has in her partner. That is why she is a great partner.

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