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Why They Will Never Forget You Even If They Try

Some may say that it is the ego that makes you imagine things, but no. There is something in you that leaves a mark on every heart you touch, it is not your intention, but they remember you after the years. Without planning it, you appear when they kiss other lips or get lost in new arms. Why they will never forget you even if they try according to your sign.


You know that when you love someone you give the best of yourself, you really like the person to feel comfortable with you. You worry about his thoughts and when you are by his side you look for a way to make it an unforgettable moment. It is your risky part that involves, you knowing how to encourage them to break their fears and that cannot be replaced by anyone.


Of course, you have a stubborn side, there is no doubt about that. When an idea enters your head, you don’t give up and things are worse if you like someone, you don’t settle. You are one of those who bet on everything or nothing. It is your dreams that keep you standing, your victories are contagious and it is your determination that allows you to love without filters, so much so that they keep reminding you.


In short, your sweet side defines you, you are a very genuine sign, it comes from your soul to show your best version. Also, you are very deep and that makes people trust you, you are magnetic and at the same time the escape valve that many would like in their lives. There are love stories in your life that have not turned out very well, but they still keep you in their hearts.


Your tender part is irremediable, it doesn’t come out of you to be cruel, much less if the person interests you from the beginning. It’s your details, your kisses, empathy, all of this is something that comes naturally to you and becomes a magnet for the loves that cross your path. It is your protective part that makes them feel safe and is what they miss the most.


No one here is going to deny that your feelings are a bit foolish, crazy, and even impulsive. You are a sign that does not like hypocrisy and that is why you look for partners who are at your level of loyalty. Of course, there are those who disguise themselves very well and there are times when you have to cut ties, but that does not mean that they let you go easily. They won’t let you go, because they know how much you are worth.


You may be the most discreet of all the signs when it comes to showing love, but deep down you know that there is no lie in your heart. Once someone takes over your romantic side, it hardly ever comes out. Your way of loving is very genuine, but you never lose your independence. You teach the other that a relationship is not synonymous with losing the essence.


At the time your heart overflows with love because you have never liked to love halfway. If you decide to have a relationship, it is to dare to let yourself go, there is no more. You love storing sweet, funny, and crazy moments. However, you know that life is not a fairy tale, that part of you so realistic also falls in love. It makes them value you and not forget you.


You are not afraid that your emotions take control from time to time. Love is often about flipping a coin and moving on. You are magic, it feels in the way you pamper, kiss and hug. You love talking until dawn and putting your most fearful side to the test. They won’t forget you, because you shelter just by being close, there’s no more.


You don’t plan it, your personality fits easily. Perhaps it is your free soul that makes you fall in love and makes your partners feel like they own the world. Limits are not in your vocabulary when you love and that is why you are not easily forgotten. You leave a place that is difficult to cover, and no matter how hard they try, they never reach your level. They remember you, although many times it bothers them.


Your soul is firm, when you fall in love you don’t beat around the bush, you want to know if the other person is on the same channel. At first, that scares me, few people are ready to deal with such determination. However, that is precisely what makes them risk it for you. You are so worth it and that’s why they always want to come back.


It’s true, there are times when you don’t even understand all the things that shake your head, but when it comes to having a relationship, you are capable of giving in. Of course, that does not mean that you are going to put your autonomy at stake, but you make an effort that what they build is very real from the beginning. Your love is unconventional and that is missed.


You know it, it’s impossible for them to meet a partner like you again, it’s not because they’re presumptuous, it’s because you give yourself unconditionally. There is not a drop of lies in what you give and that is why you inevitably transmit peace. That beautiful energy cannot be erased. They remember you for being so sweet, intense, and detailed.

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