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Why the Pisces love is the purest in the whole zodiac

A person can have many partners in the course of his life, but no love can be compared to that of Pisces.

Pisces are the most emotional sign of the whole zodiac and in many ways their love seems like it came out of a fairy tale.

This love is never perfect either, but that is precisely why it is so intense, because it is so raw and honest.

When this zodiac sign really falls in love with someone, they go over all barriers to make the relationship work.

They don’t care about distance, age differences, or other issues because if what they are feeling is real love they will always find a way.

No matter how emotionally troubled your mind is, you will never doubt for a second that what you are feeling is love, and that is one thing you are always sure of.

Your partner may get lost in the depths of their minds and may be frustrated with their mood swings at times, but they will never doubt their dedication as it is written on their faces.

Pisces eyes contain sadness but are also filled with love that they fearfully express to those who adore them, and their skin, as soon as a loved one touches it, exudes a warmth that feels like home.

Rarely does anyone feel at home, like the Pisces, and so this is the purest experience you can ever have in your life.

You love someone even when they’re at rock bottom and when they can’t even love themselves.

Therefore, they are the healers of the zodiac who cherish and protect the souls of those who are important to them and those who selflessly give love without asking for anything in return.

Sadly, however, they also use up their own energy building up those who are at the end of their tether.

That makes their love the purest, because every time they love, that love also consumes a part of them.

1. Pisces accept all of your flaws and give you comfort

Pisces accept and love every little thing about their partner, and for them they are the most perfect person there is.

Most of all, they express that devotion through your gaze, by viewing you like the only person in the world who deserves their love, and by playing with your hair and gently touching you.

Pisces are especially gentle with those they love, and nowhere is it as warm and cozy as in the loving arms of Pisces.

They hold their partner like he’s their whole world and it’s hard to understand how pure that love is unless you’ve ever been in the arms of Pisces.

The second they hold you, all problems seem to fade away and all of your insecurities leave your body.

You feel safe and protected in this moment and wonder how a person can make you feel that way.

But they do do it, and you wonder how you ever lived your life without them.

2. Pisces are patient with you even when you make a mistake and never humiliate you

Pisces are very patient with those they love, and they don’t like it when their partner feels inferior

Even when they are not doing so well, they always encourage them and give them the moral support they need to deal with their problems.

This support is also completely selfless and when your partner achieves everything he wished for, they will experience incredible joy as if it happened to them themselves.

They experience their partner’s success as their own, and nothing makes them as happy as their satisfaction.

Even in times when your loved one is not making the best decisions, they never argue or make life difficult for them.

For them, every mistake is temporary and they always focus on what is positive.

Because there is a solution to every problem, and if not, arguing will never help to make the problem worse.

3. Pisces take care of you and remember the little things that make you happy

Pisces are protectors and healers and they charge their partners with their love in times of need.

They buy them their favorite food when they feel down and send them sweet messages during the day to cheer them up.

Pisces know that small acts of kindness can change a whole day, so they live by this principle.

They are the moral support everyone needs and they are effortless in all of the good that they offer.

So if you feel worthless and down at times, the Pisces will quickly change that and show you your worth.

They will treat you like you deserve to be treated and never make you doubt yourself.

After all, the partner’s happiness is their number one priority, and if they are fine in life, they are fine too.

4. When they are in love, Pisces connect with you spiritually

Pisces place great value on emotional connectedness, and it is hard not to believe that they could be your soulmate.

Since Pisces are very intuitive and allow themselves to be guided by their spiritual side, they feel the aura of others and are able to recognize their soulmate immediately.

If they feel they know you from another life or are experiencing some kind of déjà vu then it is most likely that this is a reality.

Pisces recognize their soulmate from a crowd of people they encounter on a daily basis, and they usually meet him even when they are not in the same city or even in the same state.

Because of this strong intuition, Pisces go through unfulfilling relationships until they find the one person they really want to meet.

It is almost impossible for them not to meet their soulmate as somehow their energy pulls them closer to him every day until they finally meet.

5. Pisces bring you into a dream world

The mind of Pisces is a garden of dreams, and sometimes these dreams are so vivid that they become a reality.

This zodiac sign loves to escape reality from time to time, especially with the person they love.

They do this by taking a trip to the mountains, going to the beach, or just staying home and watching a good movie.

All of these activities are also crowned with passionate lovemaking and good food.

Sometimes those romantic moments are so wonderful that there is no place you would rather be than in the present moment with the Pisces.

Pisces know how to create sweet memories, and they love every moment to share with their partner.

You know you’ve met a fish when reality is finally better than your dreams.

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