Why Are You Difficult To Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign 2022



Your biggest problem with dating is that you get bored too easily.

You can’t bear to end up stuck in a routine. And this is what is your greatest fear.

You have a restless mind and you always need to move because you cannot stand still.

So, as soon as you see that your partner isn’t putting in enough effort to make you happy and meet your demands, you get bored and move on.


You think that you are always right and that things must be going your way, or not at all. When it comes to compromising, you fail hard.

You refuse to listen to what the other party has to say and that is why you are so hard to like. Your stubbornness may cost you dearly in your life.


You wish you could just lay down and let someone else do all the work for you. You just can’t make a decision on your own.

It’s a shame for you when you have to make a choice!

You don’t know what you want and this is often frustrating for your romantic partner.


You get lost in romantic relationships too easily. You don’t have a firm attitude and you don’t know how to fight for yourself. .

If your partner decides on something, you always agree just because you’re too nice and want to avoid confrontation.

You never complain and you never say what you think because you don’t want trouble.

Agreeing with all of your partner’s decisions can embarrass you because there is no challenge in this relationship.

The only thing you risk creating is monotony.


You only think about what others will say about you and the actions you take.

Very often you spend too much time beautifying your relationship from the outside while it breaks down from the inside.

If you and your partner aren’t happy in your romantic relationship, who cares about the outward appearance? No one, and therefore, you shouldn’t worry about that either.


You tend to build high walls around yourself, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable.

If you are hurt or feel threatened in any way, you will make a joke of it.

You are able to make a joke just to avoid serious conversation. Over time, your romantic partner may get bored.


You like to break even the smallest problem into thousands of fragments and analyze each of them, one by one. And the worst part is that you are able to do this until the hens have teeth!

Another important thing is that you become too easily jealous and often doubt your partner because you think he is going to cheat on you or do something behind your back.

Don’t be so paranoid. Relax a bit!


You hide your secrets like a snake hiding its paws. The biggest problem with being in love with you is getting you to open up to your partner.

You don’t like to talk about your past because you’re afraid the other person won’t understand you.

However, if he doesn’t understand you, then he’s the wrong person for you.


You are so afraid of being hurt and that is one of the reasons you prefer to pretend you have no emotions.

You are used to being alone and now that there is another person in your life you are having issues with commitment.

You are even able to lie just to keep people around you away, and to feel, supposedly, “safe”.


You feel like you don’t need someone in your life to share your problems. You keep your emotions to yourself because you think you can handle them on your own.

You never really open up to your partner and that’s what can drive them nuts. You leave the impression that you are emotionless and indifferent because of it.


You are not trying hard enough. You expect others to treat you the best they can because you know you deserve it.

But, when the situation is the other way around, you don’t return the favor to them.

You tend to cancel things at the last minute so your partner can’t really trust you.

You tend to let people down without any explanation.


You tend to make a fuss of it. When you are faced with a potential problem, you turn it into a real problem.

Your scenario is always the darkest and most negative that it can be.

You are able to create a problem even before your partner has a chance to say what really happened.

You first draw a conclusion and then you listen. You have it all wrong !


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