Discover the winning combination for your zodiac sign, the one that will make your summer hot.

Summer , the season of the sea, sun and love. Who has never experienced a summer flirtation, a story maybe even short-lived but full of passion ?

As temperatures rise, the boiling spirits also increase and very special alchemies emerge. Some of these seem to be written in the stars and this is where astral influences come into play.

Your zodiac sign with which other protagonist of the zodiac is destined to make sparks? Let’s find out with a special horoscope based on hot alchemy.

Which zodiac sign will make your summer hot?

So what encounters are written among the stars of this 2022 summer sky? What sparks await you among the light sheets of a summer that promises to be hot? Let’s find out thanks to the intersections of a very special horoscope .

Aries woman – Taurus man

Two explosive signs that between the sheets will be nothing short of indomitable: the sparks are far too little for them.

Taurus woman – Capricorn man

A union written in the stars so much that he could be someone who already orbits in your life, so it will be better to sharpen your eyes.

Gemini woman – Pisces man

The double signs are taken and collided with incredible ease: yours will therefore be a push and pull passion for this very tantalizing.

Cancer woman – Libra man 

The physical and mental understanding between these two signs is timeless and truly seems like a guaranteed success. No performance anxiety therefore!

Leo woman – Scorpio man

They are two dangerous signs and between them the sheets become territory for extreme experimentation. So bondage on the horizon!

Virgo woman – Cancer man

A strong and determined Cancer will know how to make you lose your mind from the first glance, chasing you relentlessly and making it impossible not to give in.

Libra woman – Gemini man 

A chance encounter will make you take flight by playing on the natural alchemy between air signs. Get ready for a summer in the clouds.


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