Which candy perfectly describes you based on your zodiac sign? Find out which dessert the astrologers have paired you with.

At the end of the meal, desserts usually appear, so delicious and inviting, they have the power to completely transform the meal just tasted. In the same way, you transform the lives of those around you with your personality

How would you look on a dessert platter? Find out which candy represents you best and why.

Astrology: which dessert are you according to your zodiac sign?

The desserts are many and of infinite tastes. Have you ever thought about what dessert you would be if they turned you into a sweet treat?

The most representative dessert of his astrological sign is this:


The sign of Aries is a chocolate cake or a brownie! Those born of this sign are always on the move. Hyperactive, they have the energy to spare. If they were a dessert they would surely be a dessert of those that give a great charge.


The total is undoubtedly a Saint-Honoré! It looks majestic and elegant with its crown of cream puffs with a soft heart of cream and cream. Irresistible.


Gemini is a sign characterized by a strong duality. Your signature dessert is a chili and chocolate cake! Sweet and spicy at the same time, a contrasting taste that you like or dislike. Your combination of ingredients denotes your original being and your strength of character.


You are a fluffy donut. Cancer is a very sweet and tender sign, they take care of the people they love and protect them. You’re like a big tender and sweet donut that keeps her family and lifelong friends safe. Simple but extremely popular.


You are a ginger and lemon candy! When you taste yourself, the first thing that strikes you is not the sweetness, but your spiciness. You are candy but you stand out from all the others because you pinch. You are different, original, and not easily forgotten. At the same time, you have distinctive qualities that make others feel like they can’t help but like you and compliment you. As a candy, you are appreciated because your mix makes you a candy that instantly relieves a sore throat.


The most representative dessert of the Virgin is a fruit salad! Virgo is a sign that loves perfection and loves to amaze. It is sophisticated and simple at the same time. As a dessert it is easy to imagine yourself as a bowl of fruit, all cut into perfect cubes, colorful and full of many different flavors that enchant and are very fresh. Trendy and light like you who love to always stay in shape.


You are a tiramisu. Charismatic and convivial, you like company and you like to stay up late. You need a dessert that can keep you awake and that flatters your taste buds the same way you flatter people.


You are a fortune cookie. Those born under the sign of Scorpio are known to be mysterious. You can see immediately that they are sweet but they do not allow you to see what surprise their hidden side holds. Scorpio is enigmatic and fascinating. Impossible not to feel attracted and intrigued by what he has to tell us.


You’re a mango and pineapple parfait. An exotic dessert fully represents you. You are a sunny person and you love freedom, travel, and discovery. You love the feeling of feeling out of place, away from your home, you love feeling your belonging to a distant land and you carry within you a bit of all that magic that you have found in your wonderful and countless journeys.


You are a Sicilian cassata, rich, elaborate but delicious. To make a Sicilian cassata takes time and effort but the result is something spectacular that should be enjoyed in small bites. Capricorn is a sign that is very committed and years of sacrifice lead him straight to the goal: success in all areas of his life, especially professional and financial. What he aspires to from birth.


You are a Camilla cake, the famous carrot and almond cake, and you are decorated with many colored sugar tails! This dessert reflects your creative and original being. Making a cake with carrots seemed impossible and yet the result is very tasty. You are an original and unique person, you fear nothing, not even to mix sweet and salty. At first, they are all wary, but after the first bite, you conquer them all.


You are an apple tart! One bite is enough to feel the softness of the apples that clashes with the crunchiness of the pastry and feel the contrast that makes this cake so unique. In the same way, you are a person who is a little in the air and a little on the ground and you never abandon either of your two worlds, neither the real nor the fantastic one. Living there is a unique experience.


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