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The stars today reveal to us which Greek Goddess you would be according to the characteristics of your zodiac sign.

A goddess symbolizes that energy capable of enhancing our feminine abilities. Greek goddesses are women with special abilities. Just like a goddess, each woman of the zodiac exceeds something and has specific abilities. By making a comparison, the stars are able to connect its representative Goddess to each sign.

If you are fascinated by mythology and divinities, today we review which is the one that most represents you among all the Greek goddesses, you will also discover which feminine energy prevails in you.

Tell me what sign you are and I’ll tell you what Greek goddess you would be

In Greek mythology a polytheistic religion prevailed which has always inspired literature, art and culture. This era includes myths and legends that try to explain the origins of the world as well as human relationships . Astrology today intersects with this world and reveals to us which Greek goddess each zodiac sign represents in order to allow each sign to reconnect with the energies of this Goddess and exploit them to their advantage.

Probably visiting the mythological world full of symbolism could be a great way to help us understand ourselves better and focus our feminine power.

Are you ready to find out which Greek Goddess you would be?

Aries, Nike

The Goddess Niki loves competition, she is a true warrior and animates all those who have a fighting spirit just like the natives of Aries.

Taurus, Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess who symbolizes beauty, love and carnal desire and Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of love and passion. The goddess Aphrodite is passionate but she knows perfectly well how to love, how to take care of the other, how to connect with him, how to understand him and above all how to rekindle love.

Gemini, Iris

Iris is the Greek goddess of communication, she was the goddess who guaranteed a fluid and effective communication. Gemini is a great communicator and also a very skilled persuader, the natives of this sign know how to get their message to others and know how to get them to trust them.

Cancer, Demeter

Demeter is a very strong goddess capable of feeding the whole world. She is no coincidence that she is the goddess linked to the family. Her Cancer is a very sensitive and empathic sign that she takes care of the people she loves in an impeccable way, among her main goals stands out the protection and protection of her family.

Leo, Eros

Eros is a goddess who shone with her own light and loved to feel important, she loved compliments just like Leo. Leo is a courageous, unstoppable native, his determination makes him a sign that collects victories and successes.

Virgo, Hestia 

Hestia is the Greek goddess who protects the home and family. The Virgo sign is in fact organized, always clean and tidy because she knows that this atmosphere makes the house much more welcoming. It is an effort worth making for the well-being of all.

Libra, Themis

The goddess Themis is associated with justice, law and divine order. Libra is a sign that constantly seeks a balance, she is a great speaker and above all a great peacemaker who, just like the Goddess Themis, manages to do justice and issue absolutely fair verdicts.

Scorpio, Persephone

The Goddess Persephone is the daughter of Demeter and was a very sweet innocent maiden. But one day she was kidnapped and forced to marry, this forces her to lose her innocence too and to live in her pain. However, Persephone managed to transform this very bad experience by becoming the Goddess of the Underworld and therefore she went from being a victim to being an executioner. Scorpio is a dark sign, by nature it is good but does not admit evil and betrayal, if he suffers harm he does not forgive and finds a way to take revenge.

Sagittarius, Artemis

The Goddess Artemis is the protector of nature and forests, just like Sagittarius was an independent woman who loved adventure, impossible to tame. Sagittarius feels suffocated if someone harms his freedom, just as Artemis defended his freedom at the cost of everything.

Capricorn, Hera

The goddess Hera was the wife of Zeus, respected and feared because she could cause an uproar when she got angry. Zeus used to betray her and this infidelity of her did unleash the wrath of Hera. The Capricorn native is a very hardworking sign and often holds positions of power. It is a very influential and respected sign but often forgets to find his inner calm and train his self-control.

Aquarius, Athena

The goddess Athena was different and she was not afraid to reveal herself. She was a fighting goddess and she was ready to do anything to defend her principles just like Aquarius a sign that she finds many reasons to fight but she does it wisely and above all with immense intelligence.

Pisces, Psyche

The goddess Psyche is the goddess of the soul, she is the deepest and most loving goddess, just like a native of Pisces. Her psyche is the wife of Eros, the God of love, but before being able to crown this union she had to face many difficulties. Just as the goddess Psyche never gave up even the native of Pisces is a sign that she firmly believes in love, she never forgets to tap into her great inner strength and trust in love that has all the answers, just listen to it.

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