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Ah, fairytales! They spark something sweet in movie viewers’ hearts with their enchanting castles, high-stakes storylines, and dashing Prince Charmings.

It makes fans want their own real-life happy endings. Complete with an over-the-top proposal and an unforgettable wedding day. Of course, after that comes happily ever after, right?

But what would a real-life prince be like? Who would be each leading lady’s perfect match? Astrology has got those answers. And also Disney. They are the masters of fairytale love, after all.

And the truth is, ladies don’t need an elaborate checklist of faceless features to know what to look out for when they go out on dates and meet new guys. They just need to know which Disney Prince has got the attitude and the attributes to be their soulmate. All based on their astro sign!

After all, a Capricorn girl would totally roll her eyes and go the other way if a Flynn-Rider type approached her. She would instantly find herself captivated by the competent mannerism and strong personality of a guy like General Li Shang.

And it’s about more than just first impressions. Sure, the Disney girls get their happily-ever-after, but the mere mortals in the world need to make sure their relationships will last in the real world. And for that, they need a deeper connection than what’s written in the script.

So here are the Disney Prince soulmates of each astro sign.

20 Aries Girl: It’s Aladdin!

We may not know Aladdin’s sun sign, but it’s got to be Gemini. How can he not be? He’s mischievous, knows how weasel out of sticky spots, and is a true charmer.

That’s why he’s the Aries girl’s soulmate.

Those two would rock the house down with their playful antics, love for adventure, and quick wit.

Besides, Princess Jasmine is definitely an Aries. She ticks all the boxes–spunky, adventurous, and a total boss!

19 Leo Girl: Only A Hero Like Hercules

Honestly, a Leo girl would not even look at a guy unless he’s a champagne bottle of charisma and charm. She likes men who ooze confidence and power.

And that’s Hercules! The son of Zeus and the greatest hero of all time.

Plus, how can she say no to that dimple on his chin and that curling lick of hair over his head? After all, she cares just as much about presence as she does about personality.

But he should never treat her like a damsel in distress. Because the Leo girl is a queen. And a totally boss babe.

18 Sagittarius Girl: She Likes Eugene Fitzherbert More Than Flynn

The Sagittarius girl has a child-like temperament. She wants to see the world, explore everything that can be explored, and live with her eyes wide open and filled with wonder.

So, of course, her soulmate is Eugene Fitzherbert.

The orphan boy who dreamt of having it all because he had nothing.

And then went ahead boldly to get what he wanted. Just like her! And while she may not be a big fan of the Flynn Rider character and his lying ways, she knows that behind that mask his heart will always be Eugene.

17 BONUS: Sagittarius Girls Find Kristoff Cute, Too

The Sagittarius girl does not nitpick partners. She’s a friend to all, rich or poor. And knows that behind every face, beautiful or otherwise, there lies a book of mystery to explore.

That’s why she would totally get a crush on Kristoff. He’s strong, determined, and down-to-earth. Plus, have you seen those dreamy eyes and that boyish smile? Ah!

Besides, we bet our bottom dollar Anna was a Sagittarius. Because only an optimistic Sagittarius soul would keep bounding outside of her sister’s bedroom door and ask her if she wants to build a snowman even when the answer was no the first hundred times.

16 Cancer Girl: Ah! Prince Eric

Of all the Disney Princes, Prince Eric was the most sensitive and kind. And down-to-earth. And generous. And a dog lover. Phew! Those were quite a few ‘ands’.

And (blimey!) the Cancer girl is just like that. She’s kind, humble, generous, and a big dog lover too. Her soul craves contact with loyal individuals (and pets).

So, of course, he’s her soulmate. They are like two matching peas who were destined to grow in different pods and find their way to each other. *cue the awwwws*

15 Scorpio Girl: The Beauty To Prince Adam’s Beast

First of all, if Prince Adam in his furry form thinks he is the one to watch out for, he probably has not met the Scorpio girl.

She’s dynamite hiding behind a calm and quiet persona.

A fierce soul just like him. And just as prone to transformations. Though hers happen in her inner world. It’s a phoenix thing!

Anyhoo, these two would rub against each other the wrong way when they first meet. Just because they are both cautious of strangers. But once they tune into their perceptive antennae, that’s when they will realize how alike they both are.

14 Pisces Girl: Only A Soul Like John Smith

When John Smith bamboozles his way into the Native American lands, he cannot see beyond his two shoes. He wants to claim the forest, write his name on the land, and tame the people who “obviously” don’t know how to live.

But he was willing to change. He was willing to open his eyes and look around him in wonder when Pocahontas showed him the magic of the forest. He was even willing to believe in talking trees!

And for all that–and his super romantic side–he is the Pisces girl’s soulmate.

After all, they both like to live in their own fantasies but are open to learning and opening their eyes when people gently teach them to.

13 BONUS: Pisces Girls Would Love A Sweet Prince Like Prince Phillip

Ah! Prince Phillip. The one who loved talking to his horse. Who wanted to marry Aurora even if she was a peasant girl. Who did not freak out when three fairy godmothers popped out of thin air into his jail cell to release him!

Yup, he would do just right with the Pisces girl. Their personality matches like peanut butter and jelly. A fabulous combo!

Did we mention he had great manners too? We did now. So bonus points! Because the Pisces girl loves a man with a gentle heart and kind manners.

12 Gemini Girl: Peter Pan!

You knew it was coming. Don’t lie! Because Peter Pan is the Gemini girl’s true soulmate.

They are like two peas in a pod. Mischievous, agile, and forever young. Plus, you have to give Pan the credit to weasel out of growing old.

Only a mercurial guy could have pulled off a stunt like that and won!

Anyhoo, the Gemini girl would absolutely love Peter Pan. He wouldn’t bore her for even a second. What with those tales of duels with one-armed pirates and other shenanigans!

11 Aquarius Girl: Not Interested In Wimpy Happy Ever Afters

Well, not every girl wants a fairytale. Some like their own company just fine. Like the Aquarius girl.

Because why should she want a happy ever after? She isn’t sad with her life. Besides, her mind and time are already occupied with achieving grand goals. And they make her happier than anything else in the world.

Plus, she dares you to name one Prince Charming in real life who honestly didn’t think all women were damsels in distress and incapable of independence.

No, thank you. She is not interested in wimpy happy ever afters!

10 Libra Girl: Would Immediately Catch Prince Naveen’s Eye

Well, well, well. Who do we have here? It’s Prince Naveen. The guy who cannot help but get transfixed by beautiful women. The one who doesn’t want the responsibilities that come with the title of Prince. The one who would rather spend his days strumming his banjo.

That’s what makes him the perfect soulmate for the Libra girl.

Just because she loves playful guys with great social skills!

Besides, he proved his mettle on the journey from frog to prince. And has no problem letting the lady take the lead, which Libras were born to do. So it works out perfectly!

9 BONUS: Gemini Girls Like Flynn Rider More Than Eugene

Here’s the thing. Geminis bore easily. So to hold a Gemini girl’s attention, the guy has to be quick-witted and charming. Everything that Flynn Rider has by the dollops.

Plus, she doesn’t mind his thieving ways. It’s a sign of mercuriality. Because to pull off a heist successfully, one needs to be smart and have the ability to wriggle out of tight spots.

So she definitely prefers the Flynn character over Eugene. After all, who’s got the time to listen to sorry sob stories? He’s rich now, isn’t he?

8 Taurus Girl: She Just Wants Her Prince Charming

She’s sweet. He’s kind. She loves luxury and comfort. He likes fine things and fantastic balls. She wants to live a rich life. He’s got enough money to fulfill the entire kingdom’s dreams.

That’s why Prince Charming is the Taurus girl’s soulmate. Hands down.

Plus, she is a hyper-feminine woman who dreams of one day waking up to a knock outside her door, which would reveal her real-life prince holding a glass slipper that fits. Because she doesn’t like being out of her comfort zone for too long.

7 Capricorn Girl: Only An Ambitious General Like Li Shang

General Li Shang is a tough taskmaster. And a brilliant strategist. He knows that his motley crew of farmhands and laborers don’t have enough time to become seasoned soldiers. After all, it takes years of discipline and hard work to become one.

That’s the key that connects him to the Capricorn girl. Both are diligent workers who work smart along with hard.

Besides, Mulan had to be a Capricorn. For one, she didn’t want to waste her life as someone’s dolled-up bride. And for another, she was a dutiful daughter who upheld her responsibilities brilliantly.

6 Virgo Girl: “Give Me A Real Guy Any Day”

The Virgo girl likes the fantasies that Disney spins for its viewers. She really does. But at the back of her mind, she is too practical to hold on to it once the end credits roll.

After all, she’s smart enough to know the difference between reality and high-fiction. Because that’s exactly what fairy tales are.

So give her a real guy any day. One who strives for perfection just as she does. And is humble to boot.

5 BONUS: Taurus Girls Also Have A Sweet Spot For Prince Edward

The Taurus girl is a total Disney addict. She loves how warm and comforting the storylines are. Just because they all have happy endings!

And so when she saw Enchanted, she was hooked.

Ah! There’s another story she would love to be a part of. Because who doesn’t want a prince who jumps into a gorge to rescue her without even knowing what lies beneath it.

Although, to be honest, she would choose Robert in the end too. Because that’s the kind of stable man she wants in her life.

4 Earth Sign Girl Would Like A Traditional Fairytale, Please

Earth sign girls–Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo–are traditionalists. They want their man to be a man. And want him to treat them like a princess.

So while all the signs may not share the same fantasy, in their hearts, they still want a love story that has the essence of a traditional fairytale. That is, a story where a guy comes riding to their rescue (probably because someone was ogling at them the wrong way) and then charms them with his pleasant manners and gentlemanly ways.

3 Air Sign Girls Would Love Outsmarting Prince Kuzco

Prince Kuzco is not winning any girl’s heart. Not with that selfish “the world revolves around me” attitude! Besides, he’s not interested in romance.

So while the air girl–Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini–would never date him (he doesn’t want to either!), they sure would love to hang out.

‘Cause his personality matches theirs. Especially the “bored always” side of it.

Anyhoo, out of all the air girls, the Gemini would have a riot with him. She’s the same mischievous soul, you see!

2 Water Sign Girls Want A Prince Who Makes Them Swoon

Now that we have discussed all three water signs and their soulmates–Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio–one thing is abundantly clear. They all prefer the sensitive guy who can make them swoon. Even the Scorpio!

Besides, swoon-worthy guys are absolute gentlemen. And since water girls are hyper-feminine, it goes well with their vibe. Just saying!

Plus, water girls love guys who are great listeners. Ones with observation skills as sharp as a steel knife. But who can still dream and romance them in the moonlight. #lovestruck

1 Fire Sign Girls Love Guys With Strong Personalities

In romance, opposites don’t attract. At least, not forever.

That’s why fiery girls find their soulmate in a fiery man. They both thrive on bravery, adventures, and high-drive.

Because, can you imagine a spunky Leo paired with a nose-in-the-mud Capricorn or a worry-wart Virgo? No way!

She would totally lose interest in him after the initial attraction fades away.

A fire girl–Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius–will always choose the guy who has a strong personality and a dynamic presence. Anything less than that would make her lose interest in a jiffy!

That’s the ideal they strive for. And what they wish for every time they see a shooting star.

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