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The stars reveal your ideal place to celebrate the New Year according to your zodiac sign.

Christmas is upon us and you can already feel the atmosphere of the upcoming holidays in the air. Every year we ask ourselves the same question: “Where do we go to celebrate the New Year?”. This year it is the stars who advise you on the ideal destination based on your astrological sign.

Each zodiac sign has its peculiarities. The perfect New Year’s Eve does not happen in the same place for everyone. There are signs that love parties in a big way and others that prefer quiet places. Find out where to celebrate the arrival of the new year based on your astrological sign.

Here’s where to spend the New Year based on your zodiac sign

Here is the verdict of the stars who have very clear ideas about the places most suited to your personality to celebrate the New Year:

1. Aries:

Aries to celebrate the New Year in style has one condition: dance, dance, dance until the sun rises. The ram is a tireless reveler. Outdoors or in a club it doesn’t matter, it just matters to let loose to the rhythm of the music.

2. Taurus:

The New Year that every Taurus desires are intimate, familiar, convivial. For this sign, tables with good food and lots of drinks, board games, and family should not be missing. Why don’t you take your loved ones to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a mountain chalet this year?

3. Gemini:

Gemini is sunny and loves to have fun and be in company. New Year’s Eve is an opportunity for him to meet new people. The ideal New Year for this sign is a party organized to have fun to the fullest and in good company.

4. Cancer:

Cancer doesn’t like the New Year very much, too much confusion. This sign loves to celebrate in the family, they do not like to find themselves among strangers. He is satisfied with a simple meal and the company of his loved ones. One place is as good as another, the important thing is that it is intimate!

5. Leo:

New Year’s Eve for Leo is an opportunity to show off and be admired in all its glory. His ideal New Year’s Eve is in a chic place, the hottest place of the moment.

6. Virgo:

Virgo hates the noise and excitement of New Year’s Eve. For him, the ideal New Year is with a group of friends, even at home. The important thing is that it is a place where you can talk undisturbed.

7. Libra:

For Libra, the New Year must be glamorous. For him, you need an elegant and refined place. No small parties in bars or squares, no flowing alcohol, you want to open the doors to the new year in the name of elegance.

8. Scorpio:

For Scorpio, the ideal New Year is wherever you breathe adrenaline. Unusual places, surprising evenings, shows. New Year’s Eve is a special day and as such, it should be celebrated.

9. Sagittario:

For the most adventurous sign of the zodiac, the ideal New Year is in an exotic place. New Year’s Eve is a good opportunity to take a trip and enrich yourself with new experiences. The important thing is to spend an evening that will remain etched forever in the heart.

10. Capricorn:

Capricorn is always loyal to work and duty. Will she be able to relax at least on New Year’s Eve? He’s not the kind of person who likes to go out and hang out at exclusive clubs, especially on New Year’s Eve. An evening where tranquility reigns supreme, good food, and dear friends is the best that can satisfy you.

11. Aquarius:

Aquarius is a very eccentric sign, if you think that a very common party can intrigue him, you’re wrong. For this sign, we violate an improvised crazy. Something unexpected, like a last-minute New Year’s Eve on the other side of the world. The important thing is that the evening is very, very unusual.

12. Pisces:

For New Year’s Eve, the sign that dreams all year round has one obsession: to spend an intimate New Year together with the people he loves. Being with loved ones and enjoying the time lost due to everyone’s commitments is a priority for this sign. For you, an evening with your closest friends in a Spa would fill your heart with happiness.

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