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When Each Sign Lets You Go Even Though It Breaks Inside

Letting go is perhaps one of the most painful things we face. And there is a part of you that does not accept it, that gets used to seeing that face every day. A part that misses the person it fell in love with. Farewells are crude, they fill you with anger as well as pain and there is nothing more to accept … When each sign lets you go even if it breaks inside, it does so in a unique way, but in the end, they all leave scars:


No, it wasn’t that overnight you stopped believing in that love. It’s just that you realized that what you saw in books and movies is not reality. You discovered that as much as you try to climb the mountain to reach the top and succeed, it is not always possible if the other person does not want to be by your side. It can also be the other way around, it can also be you who stops feeling and that does not hurt less. Because there did come a time when you imagined yourself next to that person for a long time, sharing everything. However, the end becomes slow, you do not want to accept that it is over and you stay a little longer. As if that would really revive the spark as if you weren’t breaking down anymore. That’s when you understand that the relationship is over and you have to leave.


The problem with Taurus is that he is silent, it is that when he is hurt, he swallows the depths of each comment. There is a bag of his heart, he stores each blow, even if he does not say anything, even if he continues to smile. It is not a sign that he decides to share his life with anyone, on the contrary, he is very careful to open his emotions, and for the same reason, once he does, it is difficult for him to let go. Taurus is the one who lets you go little by little, in such a painful way, that there comes a point where he clings to the hope that everything will be the same again. In the end, it is he who ends up doing so much damage, that he delusively believes that his love is enough. Don’t you dare say that a Taurus didn’t do everything for someone they love, because it’s the biggest lie? If he left, it is because there was nothing left.


Gemini and his eternal illusion. People can say what they want, that it is bad, that they do not give in, that they run away from commitment. Yes, Geminis can’t go around crudely opening up to just anyone to get their heart bitten. He is very special because he knows that he deserves someone who is worth every morning, every night, every moment in which his laughter does not stop. He does not get carried away easily by falling in love, he needs more, to discover real love and that is when it becomes an ordeal to say goodbye. Geminis imagined that it would last forever, that they would be lovers, life partners, the inspiration that each one needs. But it was not like that, it was over and although he collapses inside, he dares to leave. Perhaps with a smile for everything beautiful, but with a lump in the throat for what he will miss.


As they say, one more line to the tiger. The truth is curious because even after so many disappointments, there is a part of Cancer that does not know how to deal with so much pain. It is not that he is going to waste, he will probably continue to walk, in the same places, with the same people, but inside the nostalgia will embrace him very strongly. Cancer honors love trusts that that person to whom you can tell anything will also be the love of your life. He really has a very bad time when he realizes that what he imagined is not like that when he discovers that he shares his days with a stranger. Then in silence, he leaves. But he is no longer the same, he no longer smiles the same, he no longer talks the same, he no longer wants more walks. He is leaving and many times his partner does not even realize it until one day he confronts him and it is too late.


I wish you were wrong about that, I wish it was a dream. But it is not like that, when Leo realizes that love is running away like water through his hands, he faces one of the hardest problems of his life. Suddenly that huge castle that he built next to the person he loved collapses as if it had been built on the shore of the beach. There is a part of him that is leaving too because deep down he knows that no matter how hard he tries, it will not be enough to save the relationship. Leo turns off, he becomes a conformist lover, he just wants time to pass. He stays longer because he is not ready to say goodbye because he wants to wake up from that nightmare. Until he finally gets up and although he does not go back to being like before, he keeps trying, he gives him a chance to a new love.


No Virgo, it is not enough that you want the other to stay. It is not enough that you try to make up his lack of love. Sometimes, it costs you so much to give yourself to a relationship, that when you find it, letting go is not in your options. But with the passage of time, you realize that it is not there, that your partner fills you more with worries than tranquility. So you realize when being by his side becomes tired, when as much as you want to put a positive spin on it, there is something in you that does not achieve it. You leave long before saying that it is over, you gradually sink into loneliness until sadness shakes you and you are ready to conclude one more chapter in your life. It is not easy, but there are times when you just have to start the page.


What Libra is difficult to fall in love with? Those who say that are because they have not seen how much it costs to say goodbye. The problem is that it is a sign that exudes kindness, that struggles with its empathic part and when it least thinks it is already trying to see the good side of people. That can be counterproductive because you end up loving an idea, what your mind makes you believe and when meeting reality it hurts too much. Libra can get carried away so much that he ends up entangled with loves that do not fulfill him, he conforms and that is when superficiality makes a bad move. It takes time to leave, knowing that the relationship does not last because it is not easy to let go of the habit and it will probably stay until the glass is completely spilled. There will be no going back there.


Only you know how hard it is for you to say goodbye to someone with whom you shared deep talks in the middle of the night, outbursts in which laughter ruled, fears, sadness. Only you know that you are not a monster, that you would give anything so that the fairy tale does not end. However, when there is nothing left but to walk away you swallow all that pain in a deep sigh,in a desperate way, as if that is how life returned to your chest. For you the most important thing in a relationship is trust and not precisely that they lie to you, but also that they hide you. When your partner decides to do things behind your back and begins to take care of you, you know that there the vase breaks and there will be no way that it will look the same again. Yes, it hurts, but you do not leave from the wound, you go cautiously without warning and without a return flight.


Sagittarius is one of those who accumulate pain, one that does not let go easily, even though inside it is shattered. He is very cynical, he sticks with smiles, beautiful places, a good drink, talks until dawn. Sometimes love doesn’t go away completely, it stays there, like a friendship so valuable that it hurts you at the same time. And you don’t understand when they went from being lovers to simple life partners. It hurts to say goodbye to someone so important because they don’t always betray you and that’s worse because you don’t have a reason to hate them. However, when the flame disappears little can be done and must be released. Love changes and although at the moment it is hard, with the passage of time you realize that it was the best.


It is simple, Capricorn does not go around saying that he loves anyone, on the contrary, he is very selective when it comes to giving his heart. But behind that serious and hard-working personality, hides a sweet soul, capable of falling in love even with the defects of his partner. When it is time to leave, his fears appear, he moves away and daily activities become the perfect excuse to evade reality. Suddenly, you always have something to do, you stop living with that person because you want to get used to the fact that it will no longer be part of your life. That does not mean that it does not break inside, it is just that it decides to take the bull by the horns. He doesn’t want to be the victim, he wants to be the brave one who is ready for the transformation of love.


Aquarius has a bad ability, he swallows sadness in such a deep way that they end up disguised as seriousness. He becomes the most pessimistic being, there is something inside him that tells him that this relationship is no longer enough and that it is time to move on, so he is disappointed before you notice it. He hates breakups because it is facing a lot of time invested, to discover that that person may never have met his expectations. He hates feeling that he lived a lie and that’s when he decides to break his illusions when he puts on his pants to let go, but he does not want to know love matters for long. Aquarius learns to be with his loneliness and that is when he discovers that the best love is his own, the one that no one can take away from him.


Pisces is the sign that does not want anything material, it wants you to have the courage, to tell the truth, head-on, even if that is synonymous with her ending up secretly crying. It is a very sensitive sign and your intuition does not let go of it, so you quickly realize when things are not the way they used to be. However, he gives a thousand chances, believes in love, believes in change and that can be synonymous with his defeat. Because the other person may no longer want anything, perhaps the love is over and the only thing left is to accept. Make no mistake, Pisces may be squirming for your love, but he will not beg you, when he is hurt it is a final goodbye. He prefers a thousand times to deal with sleepless nights, anxiety and depression, rather than being humiliated. Before they trample on your dignity and have the gall to give you crumbs in exchange for all the love you give. It’s not there and, you know, it’s just taking a while to go.

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