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Here’s what you still don’t know about love based on your zodiac sign.

Love is a precious feeling but at the same time an abstract concept and for many difficult to fully understand. Most of us find ourselves chasing him every day almost without knowing why, sometimes driven by simply being in love with love, others because certain that once found, every problem can vanish suddenly. The truth is that love is certainly important but to fully shine it needs an underlying balance. Hoping for love to feel more complete is a mistake that many make and that can sometimes even lead to mishandling the feeling you feel.

For this reason, it can be important to realize what is not yet known about this feeling. Something that can vary from person to person and that, under the influence of the stars in its way, can change according to the zodiac sign of belonging. For this reason, after seeing or how original each sign of the zodiac is and how to avoid making your partner offend based on his zodiac sign, we will find out what each sign of the zodiac does not yet know about love. Since this is related to feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a more precise idea of ​​what the time has come to find out about such an important feeling.

Astrology: Here’s what you should know about love based on your zodiac sign

Aries – To love is to accept others for who they are
It is true, in life you have learned that wanting is power but this maxim only applies if the will comes from within. Trying to get someone to change and expect them to change and succeed are two things that are very distant from each other. For this reason, what is still not clear to you about love is the fact that only by learning to accept others for who they are will you be able to say that you truly love. Because love is acceptance, desiring the well-being of others, and knowing how to live with parts that we like less than others. Loving someone who thinks they’re perfect is easy and maybe it’s not even love. Because love, you know, passes precisely from learning to love the little big imperfections that characterize every human being.

Taurus – Love matters most in difficult times
For you, love is a fairytale feeling. And, as such, you struggle to picture it in difficult or dark times. In truth, however, it is precisely in the most critical periods that it is possible to evaluate the extent of the sentiment. A life lesson that you have not yet been able to make completely yours and that sometimes leads you to close in a hedgehog just when on the other side there is more need of your presence. To be able to say that you truly love and to be able to love correctly, it is essential that you can open up. Open yourself to change, to the possibility of making mistakes, and, even more, to the awareness that in difficult moments you will have to be even stronger and able to love. Because in the beautiful ones, loving is all too simple but it is when all the others run away that those who remain truly love.

Gemini – To love is to learn to live in the present
Love is for you the most important feeling of all. This leads you to idealize it, think about it, and imagine it in a thousand different ways. And all of this can lead you not to recognize him when you meet him. In order not to take this risk, it is important to learn to live in the present, avoiding dreaming of a future that is still under construction and accepting the idea that the right person to love is less perfect than you have always imagined. It could be someone with whom to grow together to perfect each other or someone to deal with day by day, managing to embrace the individual moments of perfection. All things can only become feasible by stopping to think about the future to focus on the present.

Cancer – Love is only true when it’s sincere
If there’s one thing you haven’t learned about love yet, it’s the absolute need for sincerity. Whether it’s hiding things or simply not sharing your feelings fully when it comes to love you always tend to stay a little too close to yours. This means that the feeling you live is never quite real. And, in the long run, this can give rise to misunderstandings that are difficult to put right. For this reason, before anything else, you should accept and practice sincerity. Only in this way, in fact, will you be able to transmit and receive love more spontaneously, making what you feel more true.

Leo – Love changes from person to person
Although you are a multifaceted person, sometimes you tend to have a rather rigid mindset. This also occurs with love that you believe should be the same for everyone. In reality, however, each person experiences this feeling in a substantially different way. And even if there are universal maxims, everyone can put them into practice in the most disparate ways. For this reason, what you should learn but above all accept about love is that it changes from person to person and that this does not mean that those who live things differently from you experience them in a wrong or less intense way. Opening up to the new and the different can sometimes be difficult but when it comes to love it is the only right thing to do and the one that, once learned, will allow you to experience the feeling at its best.

Virgo – Perfection does not exist
It seems a bit strange to have to remember something so obvious but when it comes to love your biggest problem lies in the pursuit of perfection. This conditions you to such an extent that it pushes you to expect that those around you are exactly as you wish. Human beings, however, are all full of imperfections, and the sooner you accept this aspect, learn to recognize yours too, and the sooner you will know how to love sincerely and unconditionally. It is something that you will have to practice for but that will improve you deeply, leading you to experience different and more complete ways of loving.

Libra – Love is impossible to measure
As you can control everything around you, you always end up making this mistake even when it comes to love. The problem is that such a complex yet delicate sentiment cannot be measured. And this is a detail that sooner or later you will have to realize. Expecting others to always reciprocate you in equal measure is a mistake to be solved as soon as possible. Also, you would not be capable of it and this should be enough for you to understand the impossibility of the thing. Fortunately, your foresight can do a lot in this sense, as long as you decide to accept it and take from others only what they can give you, without calculations and measures of any kind.

Scorpio – Love is, first of all, trust
When it comes to trust, there is always a particularly delicate subject with you. For you, trust is the basis of any relationship. Often, however, due to past problems you tend to be wary and not give it to those who have not yet had the opportunity to prove anything to you. In love, however, trust is important and for this reason, you should start behaving differently and lowering the level of your demands. Sometimes, you tend to experience even small attitudes that are not intended as such as a betrayal. Only in this way, in fact, will you be able to experience complete love from every point of view, also discovering how beautiful it is to be able to give others more flexibility.

Sagittarius – Love needs time and patience
Your being often impatient and always in need of new confirmations pushes you to live love too impulsively. This sometimes causes the situation to get out of hand. You must realize that love is a feeling that needs time and a lot of patience. Without it, things risk getting compromised and the love you crave so much could get out of hand without you realizing it. It is much better to wait and not chase what you sometimes mistake for love but isn’t. At the same time, it’s okay to take care of what you already have and everything without focusing on the wrong things. Time is what you will have to learn to manage to fully understand and manage all this.

Capricorn – Love must be welcomed
To fully experience a love story it is essential to open up to it. Your wanting to continually preserve yourself for fear of suffering makes you immune to pain but also feel that in this way you preclude yourself from feeling. Love is made up of ups and downs, of joy and pain, of heartbeat and comfort and all these extremes must be lived at the same time and without any form of restriction. Accepting and applying this formula will be your pass for a feeling that you have been dreaming of for a long time but that you have been preventing yourself from feeling for even longer. Only by working hard can you have proof that love is also worth risking a minimum of suffering. After all, even if you don’t believe it yet, you are much stronger than you think.

Aquarius – Love does not lack anything
Love is a feeling that you have always found interesting but that you fear more than anything else. You need to feel free from constraints and to always be yourself makes you somewhat fearful of a feeling that, on the other hand, could give you much more than you think. What you still have to learn about love is that no one is distorted by it if they don’t want it. And if living in a certain way is important to you, it won’t be falling in love that will change things, unless you change throughout falling in love. The truth is, there are so many things you should know about love that opening up to it is what matters and you can fully accomplish. All the more reason to try to launch yourself towards what you could experience as an adventure.

Pisces – Love isn’t everything if you don’t learn to love yourself
When it comes to love you are certainly one of the people most inclined towards this feeling that you tend to consider precious and that you have practically always yearned for. Although your romantic nature makes you more than capable of experiencing it to the fullest, there is still one important aspect that eludes you. This is about the importance of loving yourself before you even feel love for someone else. Love cannot give you the measure of yourself, nor can it complete you or make you feel different. Of course, loving someone completes, makes you happy, and gives emotions otherwise impossible to experience. At the same time, however, it can test and it is in this context that to move forward it is essential to love each other before anything else. A lesson that you still have to finish learning but for which you are increasingly on the right track.

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