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What You Need To Know About The Relationships Of This Zodiac Sign

This a sign that one falls in love with difficulty and opens up even more difficult from an emotional point of view. But, when it happens, he loves more passionately than any other zodiac sign.

The Scorpio man is special from many points of view and we will discover his features further. How he behaves in relationships.

Of all the 12 zodiac signs, Scorpio is the most intense. There are several reasons for this and they all have to do with the ruling planets of the sign: Mars and Pluto.

Mars is considered “hot” because of its proximity to the sun. Pluto is considered “cold” because of its distance. When the polarities of the two celestial bodies are combined, they emit extremely intense alpha energy.

You will always know when you are in the presence of a Scorpio man because you will feel him staring into your soul.

The Scorpio man in relationships and love

The fascinating Scorpio exudes charm and magnetism that is virtually impossible to ignore. Women are naturally drawn to him, sensing his deep appreciation for romance. Somewhat of an enigma, Scorpio’s behavior is usually cold and calm, but inside there are flames of passion.

Scorpio has intense feelings about almost everything, although, at first glance, it doesn’t show it at all. It is a very mysterious sign that wants to protect itself by not being vulnerable too early in a relationship.

Although the Scorpio man is secretive, he does not like this trait in others. He will want to know everything about you and he will not be satisfied until he discovers all your deepest and darkest secrets. Scorpio has a burning desire for knowledge of any kind. This intelligent sign wants to learn everything it can about the world and, above all, about people.

The Scorpio man can be extremely capricious and has an explosive temper. Fortunately, his anger usually passes quickly. He is the type that forgives but never forgets.

He is also extremely protective of his loved ones and feels he must keep them safe. So a woman who is in a relationship with this sign will always feel safe with him.

Zodiac compatibility for the Scorpio man

The absolute best match for a Scorpio is Cancer, a water sign, just like him. There is a natural compatibility between the signs of the same element, especially in terms of trust and intimacy. Also, Scorpio and Pisces, a water sign, get along incredibly well. Both are thinkers, with strong intuition – it’s like they can read each other’s thoughts.

Virgos are also very compatible with Scorpio. No other sign is as dedicated as a Virgo to their lover, and when Scorpio sees how devoted Virgo is, a very close bond is created.

Regarding the lack of compatibility, Scorpios sometimes find it difficult to vibrate with Leos. Scorpios tend to be more private and secretive, while Leo is super sociable.

Also, Scorpio and Aquarius could argue. Aquarius will focus a lot on the intellect, while Scorpio is only on feelings. Aquarius may think that Scorpio takes things too personally and is too dramatic, while Scorpio may see Aquarius as cold or unfeeling.

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