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On September 21, you will notice a beautiful full moon in the sky. It is the moon in the sign of Pisces and will bring many changes to all the signs of the zodiac.

The next 21 September there will be a full moon, it is a special full moon because it is the one closest to the autumn equinox and will mark the arrival of a new change of season. Farmers call it  Harvest Moon, the Harvest Moon because it is a moon so bright that it allows farmers to extend the working hours of the harvest until late into the night. This special moon is about to arrive, but what will change in the zodiac after it arrives?

The full moon of September 21 will bring changes in every zodiac sign. It will appear under the sign of Pisces which is the most dreamy sign of the zodiac as well as being extremely sensitive, passionate, and full of ideas but it will not fail to have a great influence on all the other signs of the zodiac. Find out what we should expect.

September 21, full moon, what will change for each zodiac sign?

The full moon of September 21, the harvest moon, this year will face the planet Mars and the star Beta Pegasi of the constellation Pegasus.

Mars is the planet known as the red planet due to the richness of iron oxides in its soil, the star Beta Pegasi is a very large star and it too is red, it shines 1500 times more than the Sun. The full moon, Mars and the star Aligned Beta Pegasi will show us a particularly suggestive full moon. 

Some of us will also be able to perceive the great energy that distinguishes this moon and will struggle to stay calm.

Some zodiac signs will be more affected by the influence of the Harvest moon than other signs. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and  Pisces will be the most affected signs.

How will they feel this great change? In reality, the harvest moon will make these signs more restless and those who have problems with insomnia will tend to have more sleep-related difficulties, will notice a lighter sleep, greater difficulty falling asleep, and being subject to constant awakenings in the middle of the night during this. period.

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