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What to Do When a Cancer Man is Angry With You and Ignores You? 10 Solutions

When a Cancer is angry with you and doesn’t want to deal with apologies or acceptance of behavior that hurts him, he will ignore you.

It takes a lot for a Cancer man to ignore you and if you’ve hurt him enough, you’ll realize it because he won’t want anything to do with you anymore. For him, you are a person with whom he has lost his trust. The complex personality of Cancer is primarily full of emotions and feelings, which is why they take everything seriously.

What should you do when Cancer ignores you?

When Cancer ignores you, you should know why. Trust is so important for this sign, that it is not easy for him when it is shattered and he is betrayed by you. You may not be able to do much about it, but there are still some solutions to obtain forgiveness.

Give him space

Cancers need time to get away from things that affect them emotionally. They don’t take emotions and feelings lightly, so if you or others put them in a mentally demanding situation, then you have to give them space.

Cancer cannot think when they are stressed and when they have emotions, especially when they are pressured or hurt by someone else.


Ask yourself honestly why Cancer is upset with you. Did you see some signs and ignore them? Have you hurt him in any way that deserves to be ignored? Ask yourself these deep questions to understand why Cancer ignores you because there is always a reason.

Cancer does not ignore a person for no reason. There will always be a reason, and if he is to blame for a situation, he will apologize. Therefore, they expect the other person to do the same if it is their fault.

Be honest and genuine

Once you’ve given a Cancer their space, reflect on why you went wrong and think about their feelings. Once you’ve done that, you can try to talk to him again.

In your speech, you must be genuine and sincere in your words, because he knows and can spot a liar right away.

If you know exactly what you did to make him ignore you, then apologize sincerely and be completely open like he would.

Love him even more

This may seem like a simple step, but it means everything to a Cancer if you’re willing to put even more love and care into your relationship.

This way, a Cancer will realize that you value the relationship with them if you are willing to do so.

Show him more affection both physically and verbally.

Ask him what he wants

This tip is often overlooked because sometimes Cancer is passive-aggressive and won’t tell you what’s wrong, so you should try to find out.

If there is something he wants from you, most likely more love and affection, then try to be open and honest with him as much as you can.

He is ignoring you because he feels you are taking away his love and attention for you.

Get in his way

Only do this if you haven’t upset a Cancer, but are a little upset or sad.

Get in his way and tell him you’re not going anywhere until you both sort out your feelings. It might be annoying at first, but it’s worth the effort.

Making time for him and being in physical contact with him helps restore the relationship and counts for a lot!

Causes it

If it’s been too long since he’s been ignoring you and you’re ready to move on, then it’s best to do so.

If you’re not ready to do that yet and you still see the potential for a better future relationship with him, give him some space. Meet new people and give them time to miss you

Sometimes making a Cancer a little jealous by lighting a little fire under them will remind them that they want to continue the relationship.

Understand her feelings

This is important because sometimes the fact that they are ignoring you has nothing to do with you.

Sometimes Cancer goes through something that upsets and depresses them. It’s not always about you when a Cancer ignores you, they just need time alone with themselves.

The only thing you can do is let him know that you are there for him in case he wants to talk.

If you don’t contact him, you can lose him

This is the last step you should take if you want to keep your relationship with Cancer.

Cancer doesn’t like contacting you after you’ve given them space, because they want you to own up to your mistakes and apologize.

If you never do, you may risk losing him because if you wait for him to come to you, it will turn into a waiting game… never-ending.

Rebuild trust

Trust is still not fully restored if you are allowed back into his heart.

You have to rebuild that and you have to know when to fight and argue with Cancer.

You know he’s a sensitive man and if you treat him with disrespect and betray the bond of loyalty, everything is very difficult to rebuild.

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