Find out what is the right time to go to sleep based on your zodiac sign.

Sleeping is one of the needs that unite living beings and which is essential for staying healthy and leading a balanced life. Sleeping the hours needed to regenerate and charge the mind is essential to living well and often a few days are enough in which you find yourself sleeping little and badly to feel dizzy, confused, and irritable.
Despite this, not everyone finds it easy to go to sleep within a certain time and not only for daily commitments but also because often the evening becomes a moment in which to relax, enjoy a movie, hear friends or read a good book. All important choices but which in some cases can lead to staying up in the wee hours even when you are more than aware of having to get up within a certain time.

Well, although it is now established that for a restful sleep each of us should go to bed within a certain time that can generally be generalized as around 10 pm, this can undergo changes based on lifestyle as well as depending on the sign. zodiacal.
For this reason, today, after seeing what is the wrong habit of each zodiac sign and what is the thing that the various signs of the zodiac never say, we will find out the time each of us should go to sleep. An option that can help us get to know each other better but that should never replace the rule that to feel good you need to sleep a certain number of hours a night. The reason why even if you are fit to go to sleep at 02:00 this will only have value if you can get up later the next day.

What time to go to sleep based on your zodiac sign

Aries – At three in the morning
Always active and perky, in life you like to go on until you feel very tired. Your energy is such that it leads you to act even after dinner and for several hours. The idea of ​​going to sleep and ending the day is difficult for you, especially if you can avoid it by leaving the house. When that happens, if it were up to you you would always be in the morning. Nonetheless, you also need to sleep, and to get it right you should never go past three in the morning. In this way, if you can sleep longer in the morning, you will be able to enjoy life without getting tired.

On the contrary, if you keep going until you see the sunrise, you risk not being lucid enough for what awaits you the next day. Which, in the end, would lead you to live badly and not enjoy the free moments as you can instead do by limiting yourself to the healthy middle ground.

Taurus – At ten-thirty in the evening
Usually early in the morning, to fully enjoy the day from its beginning, you need to spend a night of absolute rest. For this reason, the ideal time to go to sleep is around 10:30 pm. In this way you can enjoy reading a few pages of your book of the moment, avoiding the small hours. To be perky in the morning, you need several hours of sleep. And it will only be by following your way of being that you will always be able to give your best, succeeding in your work, in your hobbies, and in the many extra activities that involve you during the day. Pulling yourself too hard would lead you to be slow, poorly focused, and sometimes even irritable. All things that are best avoided.

Gemini – At two in the morning
Since you love being around people and leading a social life, it often happens that you spend your days out and about. This leads you to come home late and go to sleep at times that are certainly far from conventional ones. Although your energy is such that you can do several things throughout your day, the best choice would be to never exceed two in the morning. In this way, whether you wake up early in the morning or later, you can count on the necessary clarity to perform all the tasks that await you in the best possible way. Normally it would be better to go to sleep earlier and everything to preserve the energy you need so much but that if exasperated beyond the limits you could fail.

Cancer – At ten in the evening
Sleeping is a very important aspect for you. And it is also evident from the fact that you often do not disdain a nice afternoon nap, useful to make you always feel fresh as a rose. To feel good, it is therefore important that you always be able to enjoy the right hours of sleep. Even a single night of poor rest has deleterious effects on you such as irritability, the lack of desire to do things, and the lack of attention which, in the long run, can lead you to make mistakes at work or to have interpersonal problems. To feel good, it is therefore important that you go to sleep early, even better if you can do it by 10 pm. In this way you will always be sure to be able to sleep more than eight hours a night, recharging yourself properly and waking up relaxed enough. to better enjoy your day.

Leo – At 1:00 am
Although you are always alert and ready for action, you need a certain number of hours of sleep to be able to do all your activities at their best. This means that even when you would never go to sleep because you are focused on what you are doing, you should give in to fatigue by at least 1 am. This is the time beyond which going to sleep may prove to be scarcely enough, making you less ready and active in the morning. And since from the moment you open your eyes there are many and varied things to do, the right choice is to sleep enough to be able to fully enjoy your day, whether it is a working day or a day. leisure.

Besides, sleeping a certain number of hours also gives you a healthier and more relaxed look, which you don’t mind at all, right?

Virgo – Eleven-thirty in the evening
Although you are someone who may go on for hours when they are doing something interesting, going to sleep by a certain time is one of the things you need. To be able to rest properly it is, therefore, preferable to always go to sleep by 11:30 pm. And this even if doing it even earlier would certainly be useful. Your mood is so danceable that fatigue or a few hours of sleep risk making you unstable, nervous, and more pessimistic than usual. It will only be by resting properly that you will be able to have a clearer and more positive outlook on life. Which will help you feel energized and ready for action. Especially considering that you are used to getting up quite early.

Libra – At eleven in the evening
Keeping up the small hours is not something you mind but it’s not really for you. In fact, to start your day in the best possible way you need a certain number of hours of sleep, which is essential to give you energy and to make you feel at your best. On the other hand, watching a good movie after dinner or reading a book are things that relax you and that you see as special appointments to end your days in style. The only solution is to find a middle ground that could materialize by going to sleep at eleven in the evening.

An hour that will allow you to take some time just for yourself without depriving yourself of the opportunity to sleep the hours you need to feel your best and be more than efficient during the day.

Scorpio – At midnight
The night is a time of day that you love and that you regret not being able to live at your best. However, you are also someone who if you don’t sleep enough, when you wake up you risk leaving too slowly and with a mood that is not at your best. Sleeping and indulging in your hours of sleep and dreams is something you love. And since the day is made up of 24 hours, you have to find your way to manage it. So you can have it all without having to give up the things you think are most important. A good compromise? Go to sleep around midnight, possibly a little earlier if what you want is to read a few pages of a book. That way, you’ll still be fresh and perky in the morning. Ready more than ever to make the most of your day and interact with those around you.

Sagittarius – At 1.30 a.m.
The evening is the time you have always chosen to dedicate to yourself. For this reason, having to give it up is quite difficult for you and this even if you wake up at dawn in the morning. Being one of those people who with a few hours of sleep behind them are intractable, however, it is important to find a middle ground that allows you to do what you prefer during the evening but without messing up your day and relationships with others. This means going to sleep at 1:30 am at the latest, trying to rest as many hours as possible, and therefore anticipating your maximum time if you know that important tests await you the next day and early in the morning.

Knowing how to manage your spaces and work commitments so as not to overlap them will be a good exercise that will gradually lead you to a balance that can make you more relaxed and efficient than you are now.

Capricorn – Two-thirty in the morning
Keeping up the small hours is something you’ve always enjoyed and this even if you tend to doze off in front of the TV or on the pages of the book you are reading. Being able to live the night, especially when you are alone with yourself and without the risk of interruptions, is something that makes you feel good and that puts you at peace with the world. Although you would go on until the next morning, however, it is important to establish rules and a maximum time that you should never exceed. For this reason, you must choose to go to sleep by two-thirty in the morning. And all, only if you are sure you can sleep a few more hours the next day. Otherwise, it is preferable to choose more suitable times and to be late in the evening only when you have nothing demanding waiting for you the next day.

Aquarius – Three in the morning
Keeping up the small hours is a characteristic that has always belonged to you and that somehow characterizes you. It generally isn’t a big deal because you manage your life so you hardly ever have to get up at dawn. In the rare cases where things are not like that, sleep is however a need you have like everyone else. For this reason, you will have to learn to manage yourself. In evenings when nothing important follows you can allow yourself to go to sleep even at three in the morning. When you wake up early in the morning, however, your choices should be different. Only in this way will you be able to count on your analytical skills and on the tranquility that distinguishes you and make you a person special in its way.

Pisces – At 9:30 pm
Sleep is something very important to you. Only when you can rest properly can you be perky from the early hours of the morning. To make this happen it is therefore important to go to sleep early, even at 9 pm if you can. This way you can dream as you like and wake up early and more charged than ever. The small hours are good to leave on weekends or days when you know you can sleep longer than usual.

This way your days will be full of life. You will not have unnecessary anxieties and you will be lucid and ready enough to make the decisions you need. And all without this causing you unnecessary stress that you can gladly do without.


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