Find out what sign your eyebrows are and find out if and how good you are at taking care of them.

When it comes to beauty and zodiac signs, there are never enough things to say. it has decided to bring to light a fun idea promoted by Benefit Cosmetic which on Instagram has tried to combine a specific shape of eyebrows with each zodiac sign. And who better than us women knows how often these can be difficult to manage, even going against our work?

So let’s find out how the various eyebrow shapes were combined and let’s analyze together how much desire the various signs have to take precious time to take care of them.

Eyebrows and zodiac signs

Now that thanks to the images of Benefit Cosmetic above we have an idea of ​​the zodiac sign of the various eyebrow shapes, let’s try to find out how much the various signs actually care about taking care of them.

Aries – The ones that go to inspiration
The natives of the Aries zodiac sign tend to always have a lot of those things to do to take care of the eyebrows just the right way. most of the time they even let themselves be taken in by the moment. And that could actually marry with the proposed image, highlighting dynamic people with eyebrows that are certainly able to get noticed.

Taurus – Those attentive to the result
Although the desire to keep up with it is never too much, the natives of Taurus are always careful to obtain a good result, especially when it comes to beauty. With extreme care, they will therefore aim to obtain a shape that is easy to maintain over time. Could it be one like the one proposed above?

Gemini – Those who prefer to think of
something else Those born under the astrological sign of Gemini are not inclined to spend hours in front of the mirror. For things like makeup and eyebrows, they prefer to do it quickly or rely on expert hands. The results, therefore, may sometimes not fully reflect them. Which does not worry them that much, also thanks to the fact that they are prone to change moods easily.

Cancer – Those to whom it is enough to have them ordered
The natives of the astrological sign of Cancer are very vain. Generally, though, they tend to put more emphasis on hair and makeup than on the eyebrows. For this reason, what he particularly cares about is that these are tidy. Easy to maintain and with a thin line and the natives of the sign will be more than satisfied.

Leo – Those who care enough
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo love to get noticed. Therefore, when it comes to eyebrows, they prefer lines that can represent them and that show a note of character. Regular eyebrows, yes, but always with a touch of novelty. At most, they will resort to the beautician to always keep them perfect.

Virgo – Those who do not like to care
The natives of the Virgo zodiac sign do not like to waste time on details such as eyebrows. The image proposed by Benefic Cosmetic, therefore, could be really apt. A subtle stroke to fix with a little makeup is what would help them always feel perfect and tidy.

Libra – Those who love to take care of them
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are always very careful when it comes to beauty. for this reason, they are more than predisposed to take care of their eyebrows. Typically, what they will do is choose a line that fits well with their face shape and is both simple and unobtrusive.

Scorpio – Those Who Spend Time With It
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio know well that their gaze is sometimes able to speak for them. And what better way to highlight it than by taking care of your eyebrows? A choice that the natives of the sign always take into consideration. Which they do by taking care of their shape and always trying to make them as suitable for their face as possible.

Sagittarius – Those who do not like to think about it
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are jaunty people who love to live as much as possible in the open air. Having to think about the eyebrows, therefore, is not something that appeals to them. Perhaps they will never get to have them as in the image at the beginning of the article but they are certainly more than capable of showing themselves with disordered eyebrows and all without caring about it in the least.

Capricorn – Those who care but never have time
The natives of the astrological sign of Capricorn are always so busy with their busy schedules that they rarely have time to take care of anything else. So, even if they would like to take care of their eyebrows, they prefer to opt for a middle ground that contemplates simple lines to replicate to always appear in order and with minimal effort.

Aquarius – Those who go their own way
A bit like everything else, those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign love to stand out. It is probable, therefore, that if they are confident enough they will have fun modeling their eyebrows with always different shapes. Which they already normally do with what concerns make-up and hair.

Pisces – Those who care as much as they do
The natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces always need to feel tidy and cared for. And that makes them people who can take care of every aspect of their beauty, including eyebrows. What is certain is that they will always do it with some moderation. And all in order not to have to occupy themselves with the matter for too long, since usually their interests are directed elsewhere.


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