Everyone has their own quirks that we don’t like ourselves, but find others all the more lovable. However, there will be no argument at this point as to why we should accept and like ourselves as we are. We prefer to clarify which quirks men find particularly lovable about women and hope that only then will it come naturally …

Can you be too  honest and direct  ? If it is up to the German men, the answer is clearly no! Women often find it annoying and uncomfortable when other people very often speak out bluntly. As long as they do not become disrespectful and condescending, many men find this trait very attractive to women. Then it is easier for them to classify what they are at. Men are generally not the best when it comes to reading between the lines, so come up with the language more often …

Strong women who say what they think, but may, according to the German men have a property which does not quite fit may at first glance –  clumsiness  they can also attractive. Most men are attracted to women who do not always go according to plan or who sometimes step into their shoes. So there is no reason to always want to be perfect, because women are preferred to be accepted as uncomplicated and imperfect. So if you stumble and he can be the hero who catches us, it is also lovable and no reason to be ashamed. Or?

And of course, the next point is perfectly clear … Men want to be protectors and take a woman by storm. That is why they  are attracted to  shyness . While some women are annoyed that they often cannot get out of themselves so much, many men find this attractive. They often see a slight blush in the queen of hearts as a sign of interest in them. And that only incites her even more. So there is no reason to be ashamed if you are too excited to come across as cool and relaxed.

Conclusion: most men want a partner with small quirks that only makes them more lovable. Who wants a perfect barbie? After all, we don’t want the perfect guy – that would just be boring anyway.

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