Find out what is the reason why the various zodiac signs come to decide to close a story.

When we are together, the unknowns are endless. We fall in love almost by magic and together we choose to build a story, focusing everything on the couple, thinking about the future, and making a common path and in which we should continue to know each other day by day. Each person is very different from the others and if certain stimuli are lacking within the couple, this ends up entering into crisis, gradually losing the many points that held them together. Each of us has very different ideas about love or what we want to be happy. This leads to the possibility of misunderstanding, especially if a partner has completely different ways of seeing things. Being able to understand the real reasons for the end of a story is therefore really difficult.

Nonetheless, unless there are cheating or other problems in between, the cause is usually to be found in the ways of both partners. Ways that change from person to person and that are perceived differently based on character, way of being, and influence of the stars. For this reason, today, after having seen which are the most aggressive signs of the zodiac and which zodiac signs lie more easily to the partner, we will find out what pushes the various zodiac signs to conclude a story. An aspect that is particularly linked to emotions. The reason why the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant. In this way, you will be able to learn to understand something more about your partner and try to communicate in the right way so as not to lose them.

The thing that pushes the signs of the zodiac to close a story

Aries – Complications
Those born under the sign of Aries love simple things. For them, life has to be as fun and light as possible. And when this is not the case, they end up darkening, starting to look for escape routes. This way of doing is also reflected in the life of the couple. For them, being together must be an enjoyable part of life. The one able to smile at them, to cheer them up when things go wrong at work, etc … If this does not happen and also the partner becomes a source of problems in their eyes, their reaction is to close everything. Talking is not part of their plans. And at the same time, being able to solve problems together is not. In the presence of partner problems, quarrels, or even futile discussions, they then begin to abstract themselves with thought.

And when that’s not enough, they end up leaving. The secret to making them stay is therefore to try to make their life always radiant, putting aside any kind of problem, even personal. But are you sure that’s what you want?

Taurus – Feelings fading
The natives of Taurus are among the most romantic signs of the zodiac. At the same time, however, they are also among those who have more demands in love. For them, the relationship must always be at its best and excite them like the first day. If there is something wrong or if for some reason they feel that their feelings for their partner are no longer what they used to be, it is a problem for the natives of the sign. So, although embittered, they begin to reconsider their history, even coming to the break if things do not improve in a short time. It is a way of doing that they implement almost without thinking about it and that in a short time risks leading them to an unpleasant conclusion. Often to fix things it would be enough for them to act firsthand, understand what is happening and try to give new strength to the relationship. Being led to always think forward, however, in the case of less strong feelings, they wonder what these will be like in the future. And, fearing to live a life without love, they prefer to completely renounce that of the moment. To stay close to them it is, therefore, important to always keep an eye on them and try to spice things up if they start behaving strangely or if they slowly distance themselves.

Gemini – The boring relationship
As many are well aware, those born under the sign of Gemini hate boredom in an almost visceral way. This is the most common cause of their crises or sudden changes in schedules (and moods). When they decide to be with someone, their initial resistances depend precisely on the fear that with frequency, things can become a constant routine. Even when they decide to try, therefore, they always end up having this fear. So when the fears they have seem confirmed by a relationship that is becoming more and more monotonous, their reaction is to give up. In some cases (and here it depends a lot on the ascendant) they try to do something but in others, they prefer to surrender to the evidence and close the story. Which they sometimes do even if they are still in love. In their minds, the idea of ​​a relationship lived in growing boredom is something intolerable. To be with them it is, therefore, necessary to always know how to revive the relationship and give them always new emotions. Emotions without which the natives of the sign just don’t know how to live.

Cancer – Lack of attention
Cancerians have an extreme need to feel loved and to be the center of attention of the people who matter to them. When this does not happen, they feel bad, almost feeling robbed by the love they feel they must receive. Generally, it is not something that they openly disclose, keeping it inside as much as they can. Thus, they can’t take it anymore, they become aggressive, sparking fights for nothing and driving the partner to exasperation. For sure, they would be much more successful if they opened up right away by bringing out what’s wrong and asking their partner what they need. In their view, however, certain needs are so obvious that they do not have to be said and when those around them do not realize it, it means that they are not the right person. To be with them and avoid the risk of crises or nasty surprises, it is therefore essential to be there. And to this must be added a whole series of constant attention that must be given practically every day. It is good to remember that for the natives of the sign the cuddles and attention are never too many.

Leo – The lack of compliance
Those born under the sign of Leo are people who need to live their life to 100%. This translates into the constant need to feel high, to be happy, and to be able to consider oneself lucky. To achieve this they need to express themselves in every possible way. From being able to talk as much as they want, to do the job they love to be able to go wherever they like on vacation. To always get everything they need a partner who is willing to go out of their way to satisfy them. When that doesn’t happen or they find they are with someone who can stand up to them, things get tough. The natives of the sign consider the total acceptance of their every need as a sign of love. If this fails, they decide they can no longer be with that person. For them, it is essential to have someone next to them who acts as his shoulder, who sets them free when they want to embark on a new adventure, and who stands by them when they need confirmation. Being with them, therefore, means knowing how to put aside and always be ready to offer them support and complicity. Only in this way can a relationship last long.

Virgo – Too many lies
If there’s one thing Virgo natives just can’t stand, it’s lies. When they are with someone they need to feel 100% respected and if they don’t they end up taking it personally. So, even if often with their ways they are the first to push others to hide some details from them, when they find out they take it to death, questioning the whole relationship. It is therefore easy to understand that from here the risk that they will come to think of ending the story is great. Sure, it’s hard for them to get there at the first line but it sure doesn’t take them long to make their decisions. Unfortunately, the natives of the sign are not used to making a mea culpa. For this reason, even if some lies have been told for a good purpose, in order not to hurt them or to avoid their constant criticism, this aspect will not affect them in any way. To make the relationship work, you need to be honest. Even at the cost of always having to discuss and feel constantly judged or advised. After all, this is their way of being that anyone who frequents them at least a little cannot help but notice and, of course, suffer.

Libra – The different points of view
Those born under the sign of Libra need to live in harmony and follow a life path that is as balanced as possible. When they are with someone they, therefore, hope to be able to make projects in common and to have a similar vision of life or, at least, of the most important things. If they don’t, they begin to have doubts about their history. This leads them to review it under different aspects and sometimes the whole thing may not be to their liking. Discussions, ways of acting of the partner that they do not like, past moments in which they did not feel at ease … Everything is reviewed from a different point of view which, thanks to the discovery lack of a common point of view, can bring them to want to close the situation. Of course,

Being with them means marrying their way of seeing things, wanting to plan a common future, and love the harmony that is so indispensable for them both in the couple and in life. A set of things that not everyone can guarantee and that it is, therefore, advisable to evaluate from the beginning of knowledge.

Scorpio – The lack of complicity
The natives of Scorpio are people who, despite what you think, are very fond of love and the relationship of a couple. In a relationship, therefore, they tend to put up with almost anything and work hard to make the gears fit together perfectly. To be with them, however, there must be two fundamental things: honesty and complicity. Given that the former should be the basis of any relationship, the latter is something they care a lot about. For them, the partnership represents a member of their team. Someone to trust, to confide in, and with whom to live a journey made up of difficult moments. Moments to be overcome together and to be added to other happy ones in which to share everything. Being accomplices is for them a sign of love that indicates two people destined to be together and united. And all to the point of being able to face and win every challenge. If this reality fails, their love also ends up being questioned. The disappointment would be such as to cool them and lead them to move away. To be with them and count on a lasting story, it is therefore essential to always be honest. This will be joined by putting equal seriousness in the relationship and aiming for absolute complicity. Complicity that makes the relationship between two something truly special. This will be joined by putting equal seriousness in the relationship and aiming for absolute complicity. Complicity that makes the relationship between two something truly special. This will be joined by putting equal seriousness in the relationship and aiming for absolute complicity. Complicity that makes the relationship between two something truly special.

Sagittarius – The static relationship
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are free spirits and, as such, they need a partner who is like them. To be happy they must be able to feel ready to spread their wings in every moment of their life. A partner who is lazy or so habitual as to make the relationship almost static is therefore not for them. No matter how hard they try, they cannot feel alive except with a pinch of adventure and a certain amount of surprises. Being together with someone is for them a trip for two to be shared with the same enthusiasm. For when they have the energy to spend they don’t like having to encourage their partner to do something. In the long run, this makes them feel caged and therefore unhappy.

To be with them you must therefore know how to live for the day, always be ready to indulge them and always be seen enthusiastic as well as being able to bring new ideas aimed at making life for two more fun. A sort of the second job for which you undoubtedly need a certain amount of energy and a great desire to get busy constantly.

Capricorn – The absence of freedom
The natives of Capricorn are people who do not have great demands on life but who reserve several surprises in this regard. Even if they try to show that to be happy it is enough for them to live a quiet life, in reality, they have many other needs. The most important of all is to feel free. For them, the ability to manage their lives as they see fit is essential. And without it, they can’t stay calm. This is also reflected in the couple’s relationship. They demand understanding from their partner. And this even when it means having to accept absurd work shifts, sudden program changes, and the need to leave even when the projects were very different. If these needs are not met, the natives of the sign end up feeling deprived of their freedom. This makes them irritable and, in the long run, pushes them to distance themselves both physically and emotionally. To be able to live a satisfying life with them, it is therefore essential to always give them all the freedom they need. And this even if it means having to step aside a little. A price to pay that you must be ready to accept.

Aquarius – Respect for privacy
Those born under the sign of Aquarius aren’t exactly made for life as a couple. The maximum of happiness corresponds in fact to the possibility of being able to enjoy the time to be used only for themselves and in which to do everything they want. Even when they decide to share their life with someone else, they find they need their privacy. If this fails they end up becoming nervous, closing in on themselves. This can make the relationship conflicting because when they decide to enact some sort of cold war they can be really hard to bear. The only possibility to avoid all this is therefore to give them the free time they need, never be suffocating, and not make them weigh their need to be often alone. For the natives of the sign, it is an extremely vital thing for which they hate to feel not understood. Especially if the misunderstanding comes from the partner. Being with them is therefore a challenge that only those who know how to be alone even as a couple can hope to overcome and win.

Pisces – The lack of heartfelt gestures
Pisces natives are extremely romantic and very attached to the concept of a couple. For them, being together means creating a small world of their own, made up of love, mutual understanding, and the desire to be together. While they don’t have big demands from their partner, they focus a lot on small gestures. Gestures that must feel coming from the bottom of the heart. If they don’t, they end up feeling lonely even as a couple. And this leads them to suffer from it to the point of wondering if there are still the conditions for being together. And this even if they are people ready to fight to the end to defend love. To do it with motivation the natives of the sign need to know that it is worth it.

That on the other hand there is the same desire to share a life for two. And that even the smallest gestures such as a hello or a hug suddenly given are full of love. If this doesn’t happen, however persistent and resilient, they will sooner or later end the story. For this reason, to be with them it is essential to love them from the bottom of the heart. And most importantly, never forget to show them how you feel about them.

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