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Find out what zodiac signs lead to ending a relationship. The answer of the stars.

When it comes to love, there are always many unknowns. Yet, in the face of a breakup, doubts can be few, especially when it comes to zodiac signs. In fact, it seems that every sign of the zodiac has a very specific reason that leads him to choose to sever a relationship. And today, after having seen what is the greatest fixation of the various zodiac signs, we will find out what drives the various signs to end a love story. Which, in some cases, they could get to do even if they are still in love. One more reason to try to understand them better and see if there is a way to fix things before it’s too late.

Why the zodiac signs decide to end a relationship

Aries – The lack of freedom
Those born under the zodiac sign of Aries are free souls and for this, they need a partner who never clips their wings. When they feel that the air starts to fail, they cannot resist a second longer, coming to end the relationship. It is a completely instinctive way of doing things that sometimes they do even unwittingly. Which, however, does not change the result.

Taurus – A different vision of the future
The natives of the astrological sign of Taurus have their future very much at heart and for this reason, they start planning it well in advance and with great care. When they meet the right person, they, therefore, take it for granted that what has already been established is respected. If this does not happen or if they realize that they have a very different future vision of things, they end up re-evaluating the whole story. And, more often than not, unless the partner changes their mind, this can lead them to decide to end the relationship.

Gemini – Boredom
Well yes. Once again, boredom is one of the biggest enemies of those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. When they get bored, in fact, they don’t ask themselves why but they take it for granted that the person next to them is not the right one. A thought that makes them intolerant and that slowly leads them to detach emotionally from their partner. Which ultimately translates into the end of the love story.

Cancer – The Attention
lack of attention The natives of Cancer have an extreme need to feel loved and appreciated by their partner. When this does not happen or does not happen to the extent they want, they start to take it personally. This leads them to become more and more detached and fall out of love. Until they decide to end the relationship. One thing they always do after sending several signals is that they obviously expect the partner to understand even if not always clear.

Leo – Disrespect
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo need to feel appreciated and supported by the person they love. If they don’t, they take it as a lack of respect. And this leads them to review the relationship in place. Generally, such awareness leads to the end of the feeling or the decision to end the story to look for someone who can offer them what they want.

Virgo – Absence
Libra natives need to have a mate who makes them feel loved and valued. This means that when this does not happen they take it personally, withdrawing into themselves and starting to mull over the relationship. A path that, unless they arrive at a solution, usually leads them to choose to end the relationship. Which can happen even if they are still in love.

Libra – The lack of sincerity
For those born under the zodiac sign of Libra, the relationship must be founded on solid foundations made of mutual sincerity. If this is lacking or if they realize that they cannot fully trust the person they are with, they end up becoming sour and wanting to end the relationship. One thing they do not without first having talked about it but which in any case, once decided, they do not usually retract.

Scorpio – Infidelity
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio need a faithful partner. Fidelity is therefore essential. If it fails, they end up taking it personally. And that leads them to become vindictive to the maximum. Even after quenching their thirst for revenge, the result doesn’t change. The natives of the sign always prefer to end the relationship. The very thought of being with an unfaithful person, in fact, makes them freak out.

Sagittarius – The lack of independence
Those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius have a great hunger for freedom and independence. If they feel stuck, they end up experiencing the relationship with some pain. And that makes them more nervous than ever. When this happens, in a short time, they usually end the relationship. Which they do with a certain resolve, even going so far as to blame every single deficiency encountered during the relationship.

Capricorn – Laziness
The natives of Capricorn have a great need to live a full and busy life. When they have a partner who is too lazy, they feel limited. And if the limitation is such that they feel bad then they prefer to give up and find someone they feel more like and who they believe can make them feel good. After all, for them, moving around and having someone to support them is very important.

Aquarius – Too much presence
Often against the tide, those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius usually get tired of partners who are too present and who are unwilling to leave them the desired spaces. When this happens, they then end up looking around or simply ending the relationship. Which they often do even without giving explanations, anxious only to return to their emotional freedom.

Pisces – The lack of empathy
Natives of the zodiac sign of Pisces need to have someone sensitive next to them. And that it is enough to understand them and offer them the support they need. If they are around someone they think is too cold or aloof, they may come to want to end the relationship. Of course, first, they are always used to looking for a dialogue. But when this is not followed by a change, they end up deciding, even reluctantly, to close a story.

Understanding what prompts the zodiac signs to end a relationship can be of great help. To do this, however, it is also important to consider the profile of the ascendant. It is in fact able to offer a series of nuances that if well considered can make the difference.

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