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What Kind of People Do You Attract? According to Your Astrological Sign 2022


You tend to attract people who are the complete opposite. You love adventure and can’t stay in one place for too long.

The people you attract are not at all like you, but, when they find themselves in a relationship with someone like you, they are able to join you on all your adventures.

It’s a way for them to trust you, to let themselves be carried away by your ambitions and desires without having to think of the next step on their own, because, in the end, that’s what you are there for, isn’t it- not?


People who are drawn to you need loyalty and honesty. They are drawn to very intelligent people who are not the type to give up on others.

They know full well that when you make a commitment to someone, it’s forever.

They are usually calmer than you and take life more seriously, but the best part about it is that you always manage to find yourself in the middle and always take into account the traits of each other’s personalities.


You attract people who would be extremely boring without you. They need stimulation and excitement, and you have exactly what it takes to enrich their lives.

When you first meet them, they will seem as passionate as you are, when in reality they are not.

It is only from the moment when they will have met you that they will become like that, since it is you who will bring out all this passionate part that was hidden in them.


The people who are drawn to Cancers most of all need love, and thank God you have a lot of love to give.

They know Cancers are perfect people to build a life with.

A Cancer will give them a solid foundation on which to build their confidence, that said, be careful though, because not all of your suitors have good intentions.

Some of them will pretend and try to manipulate you or take an interest in you just because of the money.


People who are drawn to you need someone who has a great personality and that’s great, since that’s exactly what you have.

You are a bold, independent person who enjoys being in the limelight.

Your suitors like to be surrounded by a creative and intelligent person; and they just can’t resist that star quality that you have.


You attract people who carry great burdens of the past on their shoulders.

These are people who often have crazy pasts, and who bring walking chaos to your perfectly organized life.

But, there’s a reason for this: Sometimes you’re so tense that it takes a bit of chaos to be happy.

Your partner will bring you exactly what you need.


People who are born under the sign of Libra attract people who want a better life for themselves.

They are looking for a highly emotional partner who is equal to them.

The Libra person is very emotionally intelligent and that is why, she will never allow a person who is not at all like her to approach her.

And that’s how she manages to attract the kind of people she needs.


If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, it means that you attract people who often need passion in life.

They lack passion in life and that is why they are drawn to you.

Everything you do, you do with passion and never being afraid of risk or danger.

Sometimes it can be risky, but at least with you, you never run out of excitement.

People who are attracted to you know that they are not likely to be bored with you and that is why they want to date you.


The people who are drawn to you are very often people who lack humor in their lives.

They want someone in life who will make them laugh, and that’s good, since there is no better person to do it!

Besides your humor, they know you have some amazing friendship traits and partner traits.


The people you attract usually want something that they’ve never had before, and that no other sign can give them.

They know that Capricorns are people who are extremely loyal and independent and that they will never embarrass themselves in a public place, and neither will they.

Capricorns also have a knack for keeping secrets which is one of the reasons their partners trust them completely.


The people who are attracted to you are usually people who are still looking for meaning in their life, and that is why you become exactly what they need in life to solve this problem.

They know that you enjoy helping the people around you and that there is a kind of higher force that allows you to move forward in life in a positive way.

Your generosity is also one of the reasons why you are so irresistible in their eyes.


As dreamy as you may be, you are a perfect match for people who lack creativity since you have a lot of them.

Pisces often lead a very artistic life and they know how to indulge themselves.

They appreciate good quality music and fine art, which is exactly what people who are drawn to you look for and need, that is, a more sophisticated life.

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