According to astrologers, each zodiac sign has a particular look, it is a distinctive trait that reflects the singularity of its character.

The saying “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” is very true. Often the eyes betray us because they do not reveal our real emotions even if the mouth does not speak. Even astrologers agree on this and have classified the various looks according to the zodiac sign, each look is typical of the character of each sign.

Find out if a languid, benevolent, aggressive, or penetrating gaze belongs to your zodiac sign.

A blink of an eye is enough to understand many things about a person. The eyes and gaze are very intimate and have the power to charm and strengthen the connection between people. Through the eyes, we can communicate our moods like sadness, anger, jealousy, or contempt without the need to utter a word. The eyes tell many things about our character and our personality.

Which look belongs to your zodiac sign?

And now let’s find out what kind of gaze distinguishes each zodiac sign and what others perceive of you when they meet your eyes. The look reveals your way of being and your character.


The ram has an intense gaze. With his eyes, he can intimidate anyone. They are impulsive people and they act impetuously and change their eyes in the grip of their own instincts. Their eyes reflect the inner fire that animates them and makes you understand that they are the eyes of a person who is unable to control their anger, so it is good to be cautious.


The bull has a look full of love and hope. The bull is a sign that has a strong connection with the Earth element, in fact, they often turn their gaze to the ground and keep their eyes down but as soon as they raise them one cannot help but notice those eyes steeped in love and hope, which reflects their outlook on life.


Twins have a seductive gaze. They are cheerful and sociable people and with their eyes, they communicate joy and positive energy and they know that this look is their winning weapon, others notice and appreciate it.


Cancer’s gaze is straightforward, it does not betray, it says what it feels and what it thinks. It is a very loyal and reassuring sign. You know he is sincere and that for better or for worse you can trust him.


The lion’s gaze is idealistic and dreamy and, The lion is a sign of great inner strength, their eyes do not fail to point out this energy and this determination. The lion’s eyes show all their pride.


Virgo is a humble sign and benefits greatly from contact with nature. The look of this sign is the reflection of his feelings, he can’t betray what he feels, his eyes speak for themselves.


Libra’s eyes express love and beauty. Libra natives are aesthetes, attracted to beautiful things. They are also not prone to conflicts, prefer quiet situations, which is why they improvise mediators in case of problems and disagreements of their loved ones.


The scorpion’s gaze is mysterious. Scorpios only hint at what they want to show. Rather than showing themselves, they try to study who they are in front of and understand who really is who surrounds them.


Sagittarius has an optimistic outlook. His eyes look to the future with renewed confidence, the Sagittarius is very unlikely to give in to anger, they usually keep away from all negative things and people. It does not allow anything or anyone to harm their well-being.


Capricorn has a sincere look. Very objective and realistic, those born under this sign prefer facts to words and even in love, they convey their feelings with their eyes.


Aquarius has a captivating look. It is difficult for Aquarius to look someone in the eye, usually, those born under this sign are imaginative and live in their bubble but they may allow someone to see their soul. If you are lucky you will be able to see the captivating look of the aquarium.


When you meet the gaze of a fish I couldn’t help but notice the sensitive gaze it has. Fish are very generous, take care of others and do whatever it takes to make loved ones feel good. When they look at you, you feel empathy and kindness.


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