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What is Your Magical Power According to the Mayan Sign

The Mayan horoscope is among the oldest astrological systems for interpreting people’s personalities and is based on the observation of the starry sky and nature. The Mayans used to look to the sky to know what was going to happen, what the weather would be like, what nature would give them, and even fate. Find out which Mayan zodiac sign you are and find out what is your most important quality, the one that gives you inner strength and that represents you.

What is the Mayan Horoscope?

In Mayan culture, watching the night sky was crucial to the material and spiritual life of the Mayans. By understanding the stars, the Mayans were not only able to organize their crops and predict possible natural phenomena, but they kept alive a series of beliefs and superstitions that led to the horoscope that bears their name.

The Mayans had two calendars. The HaabCafric calendar gave them the 365 days of the year common to our current calendar, while the sacred Tzol calendar included 260 days. The fusion of both gave way to the Mayan Horoscope (Mayan, Mayaș), a system based on the relationship between the Sun and the Moon in which 13 months (and signs) are recorded per year.

Each of these 13 months corresponds to a different zodiac sign with specific traits that enjoy the symbol and name of animals that lived at that time and that influenced the Mayan life.

Find out what your Magical Power is according to your Mayan sign

Mayan horoscope: Monkey sign (January 10 – February 6)

The magical power of the Monkey is confidence. Those born in this period are people with a special optimism, always finding a way to manage life. They can be rebellious and unpredictable due to their overflowing imagination and creativity, but above all, they are people you can trust. Because they are very, very responsible. When he sets out to accomplish something, you can be sure that it will turn out at least well, if not great. And so they quickly become noticed for their unique strength and talent which is reflected in everything they do.

Mayan horoscope: Falcon sign (February 7 – March 6)

The magical power of the Mayan falcon is represented by their determination. They are very determined when it comes to doing something, they are not easily influenced at all and they always manage to achieve their goals.

Another plus, they never set impossible goals for themselves, but always base them on their real capabilities so that these goals can be met.

Mayan horoscope: Jaguar sign (March 7 – April 6)

Like cats, their magical power is their independence, but also the fact that they know how to ask for what they want. Just as the cat has an individual and free character, but at the same time it is extremely affectionate and you can’t help but pet it and give it what it wants.

Mayan horoscope: Fox sign (April 4 – May 1)

Although in our culture foxes are known as sly animals, in the Mayan horoscope the Fox sign stands out for its exceptional intelligence and the ability to localize and connect information. From an early age, these people can be seen solving puzzles without much trouble, they can be mathematically inclined, or they can have a keen sense of getting what they want.

Mayan Horoscope: Snake sign (May 2 – May 29)

Sensitive, and protective of their family and all their loved ones, but also vengeful if they have been hurt, the Snake natives have a special magical power, that of self-healing. Regardless of the trauma they are going through, they have the strength to pick themselves up no matter what, heal their inner wounds, fully recover and be ready to move on.

Mayan horoscope: Squirrel sign (May 30 – June 26)

These natives have their physical, and motor talent as a magical power. They can become famous performance athletes, they can become instructors or they are taken as a model, a benchmark for their artistic talent, which they can manifest through art. They can also be excellent acrobats or highly regarded dancers.

Mayan horoscope: the sign Turtle (June 27 – July 25)

The magical power of this sign is affection. These natives manage to gather around them the most valuable people for them because they attract them precisely by their affection and sincerity. So they will always enjoy pleasant company in life, have fun and taste the small joys of life, love truly, and grow old gracefully.

Mayan horoscope: the sign of the Bat (July 26 – August 22)

The Bat’s power is curiosity, or, in other words, freedom. These people have an excellent ability to adapt to the new and unpredictable, they are curious and always on the move, presenting a special dynamism that also brings them success in life.

Mayan horoscope: Scorpio (August 23 – September 29)

The magical power of these natives is to observe and understand the detail. Perfectionists and highly attentive natures, these natives can find the truth where all others have missed it, and find a solution where all others have failed. But, at the same time, he does not tolerate lies.

Mayan Horoscope: Stag Sign (September 20 – October 17)

The magical power of Deer natives is to overcome oneself. They always manage to evolve spiritually and beyond, they overcome their limits and become better person day by day.

Mayan horoscope: Owl sign (October 18 – November 14)

The magical power of Owl natives is friendship. These natives are particularly communicative and manage to easily establish contacts with others. They are optimistic and cheerful and it is no wonder that they have the potential to make friends all over the world.

Mayan horoscope: the sign Peacock (November 15 – December 12)

The magical power of these natives is brilliance. Wherever they go, whatever they do, they are simply charming and stand out very easily. They have a special style and education, they know how to joke, and they know how to manipulate a conversation, to convince a person, so whatever they set their mind to, they will win easily.

Mayan horoscope: the Scorpion sign (December 13 – January 9)

The magical power of these people is energy. They have a huge workforce, they have a hallucinatory pace of achieving things and regardless of the environment in which they live, their direction is only one: up, towards success. They have overflowing energy and once they set their mind to something, nothing can stand in their way.

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