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What is Your Dominant Chakra, Depending on the Sign in Which You Were Born

Chakra represents the energy center located both in the physical and non-physical body.

This energy center acts as a node that connects all bodies with physical and mental functions.
And each zodiac sign has a powerful chakra. Here is the dominant chakra for your sign!

Which is the dominant chakra according to your zodiac sign?

1. Aries – sacral chakra

When activated, this chakra radiates confidence and s*xual magnetism. When it is blocked, it creates guilt, shame, and a lack of self-confidence.

2. Taurus – heart chakra

When the heart chakra is activated, everything is possible. Affection and healing energies are attracted, and heart problems and emotional imbalances are resolved. When it’s blocked, emotional pain can be devastating.

3. Gemini – throat chakra

This chakra is associated with self-expression and communication. Lack of self-acceptance blocks the throat chakra and disables the ability to express ourselves.

4. Cancer – third eye chakra

The third eye is the focal point of psychic and subtle energies. When it is active, ideas and information about other planes of existence are received. When it is blocked, we feel lost, as if nothing makes sense.

5. Leo – crown chakra

The crown chakra is correlated with the sun. When it is blocked, we lose touch with the divine, and all things matter.

6. Virgo – throat chakra

When the throat chakra is active, we are creative and able to face difficult situations with the help of inspiration. When it is blocked, we cannot express ourselves properly.

7. Libra – heart chakra

For Libra, love is the key to everything. Maybe that’s why Libra natives are so charming.

8. Scorpio – sacral chakra

Scorpio’s true power comes from self-confidence. When this faith is lost, anger and frustration are activated.

9. Sagittarius – solar plexus chakra

This is an extremely powerful chakra for all occultists as it includes the gateway to astral energy. When it’s activated, excitement and opportunities arise.

10. Capricorn – root chakra

When it’s on, you feel creative, sure you can do anything in this world. But fear blocks the root chakra, leading to isolation and loneliness.

11. Aquarius – root chakra

Aquarians are creative beings, but fear blocks their dominant chakra, making them feel insecure and weak.

12. Pisces – solar plexus chakra

Pisces is a zodiac sign dominated by magic. But when his chakra is blocked, laziness and loss of will to move forward and create manifests.

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