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What is the most picky zodiac sign

Some people are always hard to please. They always find something to “get to the bottom of”. With such it is always boring and uninteresting because they are too correct. Astrologers told which zodiac sign is the pickiest.

So, in the first place were the Virgos. They are naturally boring in nature, they are meticulous about small details, and their minds are ruled by idealism. Their life could be called a utopia since they perceive all the events that take place in society and the world far from the way they really are.

The world of Virgos is too sterile and correct, so any visitor should be equipped with shoe covers and a certificate from a doctor, and preferably not from one.

And if suddenly the requirements of the Virgin are not met, she herself will heal whoever you want, or rather, “heal” with her whining and tediousness about how to live correctly.

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