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What Is The Most Dominant Sign In A Couple? Here Are The Top Three In The Standings

Do you know that there is a sign that is always dominant in a couple? There are at least three with this feature. Here’s what they are.

In a couple some balances must not be altered, otherwise, serious trouble can arise. A balanced couple is not necessarily one in which all decisions are taken together, even if it would be impossible to share all tastes. There are no equal people, so, in some situations, compromise comes into play. Who will take a step back to avoid arguing and exasperating a romantic relationship? It seems impossible, but this is precisely one of the secrets of love: knowing how to find the right compromise, the one that truly brings everyone together, not just in appearance.

This is where the roles that exist in every couple come into play: some let the other decide on a quiet life, those tend to meet their partner only a few times, and those, on the other hand, have a dominant position. Everything he decides is done, without any kind of compromise. In some couples, there are dominant figures, but this aspect of a person’s character can depend on the zodiac sign they belong to. That’s why we’ll ask our star friends for help today too. This is the ranking of the most dominant signs of the zodiac. We will focus only on the first three positions in the standings, do you think your sign deserves to get on the podium?

The most dominant sign of the zodiac: this is who is the first in the ranking

Are you ready to find out what is the ranking of the most dominant signs of the zodiac? Before doing so, it is important that you know a small detail: the ranking you are about to read, just like all the others, including the one on the most quarrelsome signs of the zodiac, has been calculated by taking into consideration all the general characteristics of the various signs. That’s why you could be present in this ranking and absent in tomorrow’s, you don’t have to feel bad about it, take everything lightly. Also because the stars can reserve surprises at any time, when you least expect it you could be the first in your favorite ranking.

Leo: the presence of this sign on the podium will not surprise anyone, considering its strong character and its constant desire to overlap with others. Leo dominates in life and love, there is no difference. Those born under this sign of the zodiac are in third place in the rankings because they love to get their partner’s attention, receiving continuous affection and focusing the couple’s attention only on their needs. Leo is not a generous sign, even if he knows how to love when he loses his mind, but it is an event that does not happen often. It rarely happens!

Taurus: in second place in the standings we find the sign of Taurus. Who belongs to this sign of the zodiac is not among the signs most able to maintain a love relationship over time. Taurus is kind and loves to pamper his partner, but he is possessive and does not tolerate external intrusions. His jealousy of him prevents him from being lucid in some situations, that’s why he tends to take dominion and control of every situation, imposing his thoughts on his partner and indicating the way forward. It’s really hard to get someone born under this sign to do something they don’t want to do.

Cancer: the top step of the podium is occupied by the sign of Cancer, this is what is the most dominant sign of the zodiac. This primacy is truly deserved because Cancer is a particularly emotional sign and always makes sure that her partner is part of her life. Cancer involves the partner in all situations that concern him but does not want to reciprocate and do the same with the loved one. It’s as if his life has a higher value as if his habits are better or his priorities are more important. This aspect of Cancer’s character is the main reason for breaking up with your partner.

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