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What Is The Less Important In A Couple To Each Sign In 2022

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To truly love… there are few who dare to see much beyond appearances, the story they told us as children in which the princess and the prince live happily ever after. There are those who seek much more than something that looks beautiful, they want complicity, care, attention, reciprocity, a love in which you give everything without fear and as if there were no tomorrow. That is why there are details that do not matter in a couple, at least each sign knows what they want. What is the least important in a couple to each sign:

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1.- Aries

Aries is the person who gets lost in your way of seeing life, he wants much more than a pretty face or the appearance that you have all the money in the world. Aries does n’t care what’s in your wallet . He just wants someone with aspirations, who works hard, who likes risk. A person who is willing to follow his rhythm, because he is independent and does not need anyone, but a company that thinks the same could not hurt his days. Aries wants passion and love, in the same amount.

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2.- Taurus

Taurus is the one who gets carried away when it comes to love. Sometimes your traditionalist side may show up, but it is enough for you to know that the other person is also committed to the relationship. Taurus does not care if their love ends in a wedding , they want something more than a role or a dream celebration. He wants security, to know that the other person will wake up next to him and that he will work hard to maintain feelings for him. Taurus wants a genuine love, the kind that needs no explanation.

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3.- Gemini

Gemini is the person who needs to lose himself in the mind of the other person, he is the one who immerses himself in a deep way. What do you dream? What do you want in life? What terrifies you? Gemini wants to know everything, to be sure that this person shows their vulnerable side and that it is okay for him to do so too. It is a sign that does not care if you have ups and downs , it falls in love with your dark side , as long as you show it that you love it and that you are interested in changing if necessary to have a healthy bond.

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4.- Cancer

Cancer is the sign that bets on love, the one that can resist a little at the beginning, because they have broken his heart several times. Even so, you have the resilience to keep dreaming, you trust that sooner or later the right person will arrive, the reason why all the bad experiences were worth it. Cancer does not care if you have friends of the opposite gender, does not waste time inquiring about your day to day, as long as you are loyal and show that you care above all else, that’s fine.

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5.- Leo

At first glance, Leo seems quite a demanding sign, because he is too active and is always looking for a way to excel. The truth is that in a matter of love he has long learned not to settle for crumbs, he demands what he deserves. He is a good person and does not care if you are not loving enough. It doesn’t need you to fill it in with details 24 hours a day. However, he does want you to give him your attention. Leo values ​​an impromptu conversation in the early morning much more than anything else.

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6.- Virgo

Virgo is the sign that when it comes to love is related in a very meticulous way, there is a part of itself that prevents it from trusting the first time, because it has had many surprises with people who seemed to be perfect. Virgo only wants a real, healthy bond, does not care what you have lived in the past, respects it and has the courage to embrace your wounds. Virgo falls in love with your present, with the person who treats him well today, who values ​​him, who loves him above all else. What was not in his year, does not hurt him.

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7.- Libra

Libra has a romantic side that he cannot avoid, although he tries to think with a cool head, his dreamy part is present and is able to imagine the perfect house, the dog and the children. It’s not intense, she doesn’t want a wedding the first time, but she wouldn’t mind ending up like this. Actually, Libra does not care about your appearance, it is more carried away by what is in your mind and your heart. Libra falls in love with that person who is capable of stealing a lot of laughter, the sense of humor is a magnet for this sign.

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8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is committed to the emotional, to those people who have the gallantry to immerse themselves in the other until they achieve a deep connection. It is like ancient souls, you get lost in a lot of your thoughts. They do not need the material to be happy, they are those who love nature and simple things: dancing, singing, traveling. Scorpios do not care how many gifts you give them, they want to feel that it is valuable, that you remember it on special days and with details that are priceless. They value a walk on the sand more.

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9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the soul that lives in the present, it does not care about anything else, it is used to letting go. To get lost in fleeting loves and get up the next day. It’s like that, genuine, you don’t have to pretend something you’re not and you stay with the person who is able to understand the way you savor the adventure. Sagittarius does not care if you do not tell him that you love him all the time, he does not place a lot of value on words. He is the one who focuses on what your actions say when you are with him.

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10.- Capricorn

It is possible that for some Capricorns he seems a bit cold, because he is very demanding when it comes to choosing someone to accompany him in his days. Capricorn is disciplined, constant, he likes a relationship in which everything is clear and where balance is part of every day. Understand that you can have bad habits , like everyone else, and you don’t really care about them as long as you work on them and strive to become your best version.

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11.- Aquarius

Aquarius is the person who has a special way of looking at their partners, they do not get carried away by the silhouette of a body, or the way you dress or how you get along with other people to get what you want. Aquarius wants to know what is in your mind, in your heart, in the way that you consider yourself to be a temple. He doesn’t care about all the superficial, as long as you take care of yourself and do things to be mentally and emotionally well, you will keep him hooked on you.

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12.- Pisces

When Pisces decides to share his life with a person, he does so in such a profound way that many can be scared. It is a sign that is willing to love and understand, it is not someone who seeks perfection, on the contrary, it is capable of losing itself in your hobbies. Something that he does not care about is knowing about your past loves, not out of jealousy, because it is enough for him to know that today he is the one who occupies a place in your thoughts and in your heart. Pisces is love, dedication and loyalty, it wants the same from a partner.

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