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What Each Zodiac Signs Wishes To Tell Their Partner But Doesn’t Know How 2022


I know I can be too impulsive, I know I can be too passionate, I know I can be too much. Love me anyway.

I love to win and I love being right but I love you more. I use many tools to fight you but I would use a hundred times more to fight for you.


I can be too demanding and too controlling. The only reason I do that is to make sure nothing ever goes wrong between us.

I don’t show it often but every part of me loves you and needs you. Yes, I’m fearless but only because you love me.


I can talk to you about anything and everything but I can’t always show you who I really am. I trust you and I love you but the fear of being judged is stronger than anything.

Bear with me and have patience, I’m giving you more of me each day.


Listen to the words I’m not saying. I’m sensitive, I’m vulnerable. I’m hiding because I don’t want you to hurt me.

Show me empathy, show me love. Prove to me that you’re willing to take care of me and I’ll give you everything and my everything is so much more than you ever thought anyone could give.


I want to be the center of your world, you know that. What you don’t know is that even though it doesn’t seem that way, you’re the center of mine too.

I might not ask too much about how your day went but that’s only because I know it just by looking in your eyes. You are the most important person in my life.


I might seem cold at times but you need to know that I love you.

I show my emotions in a unique way so if I iron your clothes for an important meeting or call you to tell you you have a hairdresser appointment, you should know that’s me loving you, more than you could ever imagine.


I want you and the whole world to see me as I am. I give my everything to make you feel loved and sometimes I forget about myself.

Don’t use my love and don’t betray my trust. I do my best to help you be happy; I wish you would find a way to help me feel happy too.


I wish you knew how intensely I feel everything. Every time it seems like you might do something to hurt me, I drown.

I’ve drowned a thousand times before and drowning again is making me lose my trust. Don’t hide anything from me and I’ll do my best to try and trust again.


My love for you is like something you’ve never experienced before. I can live without you but I choose not to.

I’m not tied to you by my fear of losing you but by my incredible desire to have you in my life. Honor my freedom and I’ll honor you and put you first, forever.


Overly critical, too demanding, too stubborn… That’s how I am. I’m that way because I love you.

I’m so much worse to myself than I am to you and if you could find the strength to accept me and join me on my path, I’ll give my everything to make you the happiest person ever.


I never thought I’d be the one to spend time trying to become a better person for someone else.

You’re the only one magnificent enough to make someone like me interested in building a true relationship and share my most intimate secrets with. I don’t know how you do it but I’m happy you exist.


I feel everything. Every little thing you feel, I feel too. You are my soulmate, I’m sure of that. If there’s a world that always existed and will exist forever, our souls were made there as two parts of one whole.

Give me a chance to show you what it looks like when someone loves you with every single part of their being.

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