You value the flexibility you have to make your own impulsive choices without getting in touch with any individual else.

You appreciate the possibility to spend time with friends that generally fall into the background when you’re dating.

You value the added time you need to dive into your job and also try your profession objectives.

You appreciate the leisure time you have to invest in yourself since you do not have to stress over caring for any individual else.

You value the opportunity to fulfill– as well as flirt with– a lot of brand-new people.

You value having time alone to believe as well as check out and also listen to music without being bothered.

You value the moment you can now devote to self-growth and exploration.

You appreciate the connection you have with other songs who only wish to have a good time.

You appreciate the freedom you need to take a trip or quit your job or cross the nation at a minute’s notice.

You value the chance to remainder and also not be social for some time.

You appreciate the possibility to reassess what you desire out of life and also what implies the most to you.

You appreciate the infinite opportunities. There’s no telling what’s around the bend or where life will certainly take you following.

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