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What Each Sign Has Most About Itself

What Each Sign Has Most About Itself

The truth is that we all have a guilty detail in our personality, which no matter how much we try to hide it takes on a life of its own and does its own thing when we least think about it. Each sign of the zodiac deals with something that they detest about themselves and that many times ends up smiling so that the other does not notice it. Surely, it already came to your mind, because when you take control you can’t even stand it. It is painful, because you become your worst enemy and in truth, you have no mercy, nor do you forgive a single mistake. The important thing is that you do not let that feeling of fraud invade you because you could fall into depression. What each sign detests about itself:


People are used to seeing the brave Aries, the one who loves adventure and knows no fear. You are one of those who do not like to stay with the desire for nothing and that has helped you to focus on your goals and not give up. However, there are times when you feel like you’re exaggerating, your desire to live in the present gets out of hand and you hate when your impulsive side takes control of everything. You do not tolerate that part of you because it is very changeable and many times it is the reason why you do not value what many give you. It seems that rushing has become a hobby and you don’t like that.


Without a doubt, you are a firm, dedicated being, you do not take anything to play and much less if your time is involved. Hardly someone manipulates you, you enjoy being ahead in everything, but it is a bit frustrating when your anxiety becomes your shadow. Your thoughts do not warn you, they simply make you believe that things are not going to go as planned and you stress a lot before seeing the results. What you hate the most is when your memory begins to delve into the past, you become the worst of the critics and you are very hard on yourself. You would have liked to do things in a different way and you blame yourself for leaving aside everything you have learned. Remember that you are a better person and that is what matters most.


For many you are a too distracted person, it seems that good and bad things slip by you and they could misinterpret that you do not value what others do for you. It’s okay not to get hooked on anything, especially when negative feelings are included. However, what you hate the most is your changing side, that feeling that things are not right and you want to run away in the blink of an eye. It is not fair to deal with it because you love the same now and tomorrow you cannot stand the person. That has gotten you into a lot of trouble, you have lost very valuable people. Sometimes all you need is to get away a bit, take some time and meditate because what comes out of your mouth in those cases is not very reliable.


You don’t know if it is your intuition, your big heart, or your anxiety, but it is very frustrating when you focus too much on the lives of others. Being intense is part of your personality, but your feelings overflow and you simply go out of your way for the other person. It’s hard for you to accept it, but one of the things you hate the most is the unconditional way in which you give yourself. You are too sensitive and do what you would like others to do for you. However, when you realize that you don’t always get what you give, you feel frustrated, because a part of you knew that it was not a good idea to give so much and you couldn’t help it.


You are impulsive, rebellious, creative, your mind never stops and neither does your body. You love when you always have something to do and enjoy the shine that you squander. Many call you egocentric, but it doesn’t affect you. The only opinion that interests you is the one you see in front of the mirror and that is more than enough because you can be very cruel. You are very clear that you are not here to settle for anything and if you have to go against everyone you will. Although there is something about your personality that you hate, it is when you get overly anxious and lose your temper. You fight your nerves because you can say very hurtful things or do acts that you later regret.


You are the one who loves balance, when everything is in its place you breathe an incomparable peace. That’s the kind of thing that steals a smile from you. You don’t like the unpredictable and for the same reason, you prefer to avoid all kinds of surprises. When it comes to relationships, you don’t consider yourself a cold person, it’s just that you are very selective, you are not going to give yourself to someone who is not worth it. However, you know that there are times when you have to relax a little more. That is what you hate about your personality, that you are always like a pressure cooker and any small detail can make your bad mood explode. It bothers you because you go from having a smile on your face to the same bitterness.


If there is anyone in this world who loves the feeling of peace, harmony, and stability, it is you. Libra, you are a very sweet and dedicated person, you do not take any type of tie to match and for the same reason, it costs you too much to open your vulnerable part with someone you hardly know. The funny thing is, the whole time you are struggling with your head and that bunch of thoughts that knock you off balance every five seconds. That is what you most detest about your personality, that you are so emotional, you cannot pretend that nothing is wrong and move on with your life. You are very sensitive, the whole environment around you affects you and it is very difficult for you to sit idly by when you know that you can help.


You were not born with a huge shell, you decided to protect yourself after so many disappointments and humiliations. It is not that you have taken the role of victim, it is just that you are no longer going to allow yourself to be trampled on whenever they feel like it. It is good to know that your mystery speaks for you, that you need to investigate thoroughly so that you let someone into your heart. Because once you give yourself, you show your intense, passionate and emotional side. However, it is very difficult and you know it. Maybe that’s a part of your personality that you hate because you don’t give in no matter how much they love you. There is a level of mistrust that prevents you from believing in the first person who speaks beautifully to you. Sometimes they are genuine, but you don’t accept them and you close the doors on them.


Not everything is rosy and you know it, but at the moment it is difficult for you to set limits. Your personality is so light that you have no problem in starting a conversation with the first person who appears on your way, you know that in the end we all learn from everyone and that is what matters. You are a being who bets on your intellect and your optimism. You always try to find the lesson, even in tragedy. However, one thing you hate about yourself is that you are too trusting, there are many bad people who have the ability to disguise themselves and approach only to ask for favors and steal energy. I wish all the new people included a paper with warnings, it would save you tears and disappointments.


Your determining character feels miles away, you don’t need to pretend, whoever accepts you, go ahead, but those who are against you don’t worry you. You like to focus on your things, you are not easily distracted when it comes to meeting your goals because your dream is to have a stable life in all possible areas. There is only one thing you hate, your bad temper, it is not that you go through life unloading your frustrations on the first person who speaks to you, but there are times when you cannot control yourself and say unnecessary things just because you feel bad. You do not justify yourself, but you hate that Capricorn is so intense when it comes to fighting.


Being with you is synonymous with feeling independence on a very deep level. You love knowing that you are the captain of your ship and that no one has the right to interfere in your decisions. You enjoy your freedom, to just be you and show your ideas without fear of being called weird. The fact that you do not meet the expectations of others does not make you wrong and you know it very well. However, there is something you hate about yourself when a comment makes you think and your head explodes alone. On the outside, it seems that it does not affect you, but inside your despair and your insecurities make you believe that maybe they are right.


If there was a word to define you, without a doubt, it would be love, Pisces. The truth is that your company becomes a relief for many. You have the gift of enchanting with your words and with your way of helping others and not pointing out anyone. It is almost impossible that someone does not win your heart and that is appreciated. It is always good to have such a sensitive being by your side because it opens up the panorama for you in many things. The bad thing is that there are many times when you give and give, without receiving anything. It is not fair that you dedicate your time and love to the wrong person. Sometimes your kindness causes you to get cloudy and you end up making up the red flags. That’s what you hate the most because you can’t accept that these people are so bad.

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