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Do all zodiac signs love Valentine’s Day? According to the stars, the answer is affirmative only that some signs do not want to admit it.

Valentine’s Day is upon us and every zodiac sign engaged in a relationship will celebrate this holiday dedicated to all lovers with their loved ones. Do you already know what your partner thinks about this holiday? The stars know the true feelings of each astrological sign.

Some signs say they hate this holiday, others love it very much. We have revealed how to celebrate this Valentine’s Day starting from the astrological sign of the partner and we have also recommended a gift suitable for his astrological personality, today we reveal whether this holiday is among the signs that await this holiday all year round or not.

What does your partner really think about Valentine’s Day?

Find out what your partner thinks about this holiday and decide how to celebrate it to meet your respective wishes and make this day very special.


Aries is a sign that loves to receive attention and Valentine’s Day is the right opportunity to be pampered by your partner on Valentine’s Day. This sign loves anything that could offer him a new experience.


Taurus is a very stubborn and cold sign, in reality when he falls in love he is very affectionate. He will never be overly sweet and will never admit that he loves Valentine’s Day, rather he will praise the commercial aspect of this holiday and how much it bothers him. Taurus wants to receive love every day, not just on Valentine’s Day.


Gemini does not despise Valentine’s Day, it is a sensational party and he is fascinated by it. The occasion is good to celebrate as the Gemini is very festive, sociable, and convivial, moreover, he loves to receive many gifts.


Cancer is among the signs that await this holiday all year round, they are great romantics and this holiday offers gold the opportunity to overdo the romance and justifies their excessive sugar.


Anyone who knows a Leo knows how much they love to feel the center of attention. For him, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to receive compliments, gifts, and attention and he awaits her as children await Christmas, with the same enthusiasm. Never disappoint the expectations of a Leo for Valentine’s Day, pampering and pampered on the go are a must.


Virgo is a sign that loves to receive gifts and attention all year round. Even if it is a rational and logical sign, she is not immune to sentimentality and when she is in love she is also very romantic.


Libra is a very balanced sign. Valentine’s Day is a day like any other for him, and it must be perfect like all the others. Love and tranquility should rule every day for him, not just February 14th. In any case, a romantic dinner in a luxurious place is always welcome.


The most mysterious and passionate sign of the horoscope loves Valentine’s Day and takes the opportunity to express his feelings and carry out an act of love.


Sagittarius loves to have fun and feel free. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that doesn’t particularly appeal to him. Rather than celebrating her, he would prefer to spend quality time with his loved ones as he always has little time and tends to neglect them.


For Capricorn, Valentine’s Day is important and special because they love surprises, cuddles, and give and receive gifts. Exaggeration is his watchword for Valentine’s Day.


Aquarius is a bit introverted and has a hard time expressing their feelings. It is romantic but logic takes over his feelings even on Valentine’s Day which, rather than representing a party dedicated to lovers, becomes the occasion for a social event.


Pisces are sensitive and sweet and fantasize about celebrating this day for months. They will never admit it but this day for them is one of the most-awaited and appreciated.

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