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The stars finally reveal to us what our partner expects starting from his zodiac sign.

Do you seem to be doing a lot for your partner who is never completely happy despite everything? If you also happen to want to scream: “What exactly do you want from me?” then you came across the right predictions. You won’t get an answer from your partner because he expects you to know exactly what he wants, but the stars can enlighten you.

Fortunately, the stars can help us understand the partner, especially as regards what is expected of you so that love and harmony reign between you and make your bond prosper. What do you think he would like? Let’s see if you guess right.

Tell me what your sign is and I’ll tell you what he wants from you

The stars are ready to spill the beans and intervene in favor of couples who are unable to decipher the needs and desires of the partner. Here’s what each zodiac sign wants from its partner:


The Aries will tell you what he wants from you himself but be careful he will not be sincere. Most likely the Aries will remind you how important it is to him to have a fulfilling and non-routine sex life, in reality, what he wants from you is that you never reject it, he cannot stand it, especially if it is your loved one who does it.


Il Toro from you wants something extremely simple but with great value: he wants to collect beautiful memories. But beware that what could be a good moment for you may not be good for him, investigate before acting.


The sign Gemini wants a partner who satisfies him on an intellectual level. This extroverted sign loves to converse and loves to do so without sacrificing quality. A partner who cannot stand up to him in a conversation will soon lose the attention of the Gemini who is unwilling to compromise on this point of view.


All Cancer wants from you is your support and support. This sign is very emotional and having a trustworthy person you can rely on and can rely on is very relevant to him. In addition to comfort, this sign seeks a sense of belonging and only the partner can make him feel at home in addition to his family.


The sign of Leo from the partner wants gratitude and submission. Leo loves to be appreciated and loves that the partner is grateful to him and allows him to excel and be the head of the family. Trying to outclass a Leo is a very dangerous move, they won’t forgive you.


What a Virgo wants most of all from their partner is their trust. Virgo wants her partner to trust him, her abilities, to acknowledge that he has great potential. She wants to feel that in her arms you feel safe, this is what makes him very happy.


Libra from the partner desires aesthetic beauty. For this sign, it is very important to have at your side a person who takes care of his appearance, who is always impeccable, well cared for, and perfumed, from head to toe. Any failure in this regard will push the scales to get you a barrage of criticism.


For the sign of Scorpio, it is essential to have a partner who guarantees him passion. This sign wishes to feel sexually fulfilled and emotionally loved.


There is no specific thing that Sagittarius desires, this sign is not satisfied and wants a little bit of everything: love, attention, trust, admiration, and respect. For him, a relationship should be peaceful, he doesn’t like headaches. He is a positive person and he doesn’t want anything to disturb this aura.


Capricorn wants the partner to give him the best version of himself. His partner should give him the best, attention, dedication, only in this case he will be able to reach the peak of happiness.


Aquarius desires deep friendship from their partner. For him, the partner in addition to being his loved one must be also one of his best friends. This sign wants the beloved all for him in every field, selfishly as well as having the primacy sentimentally he would also like it emotionally.


Pisces wants their partner to love them for life. This sign desires the happy ending, the happily ever after, and the till death do us part.

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