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What colors suit you, depending on your zodiac sign

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Did you know that there is a color corresponding to your zodiac sign? Each star sign has a similarity in color palette, so find out now what your zodiac color is and identify what vibration it brings into your life!


The color of Aries is red. You are a sign of passion, energy, enthusiasm. It’s no wonder that the most energetic of the colors suits you. For Aries, red inspires, creates pleasure, generates generosity and warmth!

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You are an earth sign and your ruling color is green. Imagine lush vegetation, the splendor of nature and regeneration. So you love spring? Green is your color and symbolizes unity and family, two very important elements for you. It is natural to also love flowers and plants as such.

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Orange is the color of your zodiac sign, if you’re a Gemini, and it signifies diversity and inspiration. You are sociable, harmonious, balanced precisely because of the extremes that attract you, each in turn.
This color will light you up and stimulate your appetite for exploration. Enjoy your expansive color!

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The color of Cancer… is not red, like the cancer in nature, but purple! Nuanced and emotional, strong and deep, your color reflects the idealism that characterizes you. You have a very broad perspective on the world, you are curious and sensitive. Violet stimulates your intuition and helps you turn your ideas into reality.

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You already know that thanks to your zodiac sign, you’re a radiant person, so it’s no surprise that yellow suits Leo! You have the ability to really shine, your charisma is captivating and the yellow betrays all that, as well as the courage and humor you show! When you experience difficult times, surround yourself with this color and you will notice its effect!

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Your color is the color of calm. Blue is the chromatic element that brings you back to the feeling of peace, which you rarely lose anyway. You draw energy from your color, which helps sharpen your intuition. When you wear blue, it is easier for you to communicate and you act more relaxed. It is a healing color.

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Shades of green are the ones that shine for your zodiac sign! Especially the intense ones, like the emerald! Green speaks for you thanks to the harmony it spreads, for your need to be in nature, for your well-developed survival instinct. Rely on green to boost your evolution!

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Dark red, cherry, burgundy, it’s your shade! You are a volcanic, unpredictable, sensual, magical nature. Intense red supports your manifestation on earth and confirms your strong sexuality. The fire that burns in you is best represented by this color!

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Lilac is the electric color that suits your energy and the fact that you can’t sit still for too long! Your infectious enthusiasm, which makes you a company everyone wants, is represented by the shade of lilac. You have a combination of wisdom and spontaneity specific to the zodiac, which pairs wonderfully with a combination of blue and red…

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Because you are a very perceptive nature that sees through confusion and darkness, your zodiac color is indigo. Even if the unknown makes you uncomfortable, your intellect supports you in your quest and your color gives you confidence and stimulates your instincts.

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Sensitive and creative, expressive and expansive! The color of your zodiac sign is purple, because you are a dreamer full of energy. Your color brings you back from reveries, but inspires you to see a world that others cannot imagine. Your ideals are as intense as the shade that rules your sign!

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Inclined to introspection, sensitive and shy, you are ruled by dark turquoise, like the depths of the seas. Your personality is strong, but most of your energy comes back to you, through the circuit of your thoughts. You have a rich imagination, share it with those around you!

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