Find out what color you are based on your zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars for each sign.

Each of us has one or more colors that we prefer over others and that we like to use more often in clothing, for accessories, or inside our home. These are colors that help you relax or, more simply, put you at ease. Colors that are chosen because they are considered positive for themselves and because once chosen they lead to feeling better. But what color is hidden in each of us? No, we are not talking about aura but about a game to play to understand which color represents us best. A detail that can have more than one answer. And among the many, after seeing what kind of woman is hidden in each of us, today we will obviously look at the one linked to the zodiac sign. Are you ready?

Find out what color you are according to the stars

Aries – Red
It is difficult to identify with a color other than this. Just like you, in fact, red denotes character and has always been a symptom of energy. Red is the fire that burns and indicates passion. Red is the cheeks that are inflamed in the throes of a new emotion. Red is the blood that animates us and keeps us alive. Each symbology linked to this color is always an index of pulsating and active force. A strength that you know how to transmit at all times, thus fully identifying yourself with this color full of life.

Taurus – Brown
Just like a flower that comes from the earth, your color is dark brown. A warm and welcoming brown, which smells of earth warmed by the sun, of new life and which at times also recalls the chocolate you love so much and which is often the protagonist in the kitchen. A warm, welcoming color, in its own way calm and maternal. Just like you who love to always get the best from life without expecting anything. Just like brown, you feel at home, convey a certain serenity and give off that comfortable and relaxing feeling that is at the same time full of life.

Gemini – Orange
A color that shines at least as bright as you do is orange. Rich in light, sunny but at the same time able to be almost a shade between equally vivid and strong colors such as, for example, red and yellow. A meeting point between contrasting dualities reflects you much more than you imagine, reflecting part of the strength that you contain and of which you are promoting. Color full of contradictions and at the same time able to convey positivity and joy, it fully represents your desire for life and the ability with which you know how to bring serenity to those around you. A serenity for which you are often sought by others, exactly as one would look for on a sunny day.

Cancer – Pink
Romantic by nature, in many ways, reflects the color pink. In fact, it knows how to change according to the nuances, passing from a light powder color to a stormy fuchsia. Colors that represent you in the same way, telling different aspects of you and your way of being from time to time. Aspects of which to be proud and which you carry forward like a flag. At the same time, it is a color often associated with the feminine and able to marry with different ways of being that range from being a child to a woman and all without ever a smudge note.

Leo – Yellow
You can only match a bright, strong, and sunny color like yellow. In need of being noticed by everyone, you are like the sun that faces the world every morning. And how it would like to be noticed by everyone without even having to announce yourself. Of yellow, however, you also have part of the cheerful and sunny temperament, of the strength and vivacity that you always express differently. And all for a color that knows how to reflect you much more than you think, highlighting more strengths than defects. For those we need a gray that is also shadow. The same that the sun highlights by resting on everything.

Virgo – Golden yellow
A color that fully reflects you and that highlights part of your qualities is golden yellow. A gold that seduces and attracts glances but at the same time keeps away from its royalty. In the same way, you always know how to get noticed while maintaining a certain form of detachment from others. A detachment that is expressed with strict rules or with judgments that sometimes create a rift. Ambivalences that distinguish you and that among the many colors make you more like gold, at times easy to define and at times elusive.

Libra – White
A color that suits you is white. Neutral like you and at the same time simple but extremely complex. The sum of all the colors shows itself in a modest and easy-to-understand guide. And all bringing light to anyone who looks at it. A bit like you do that with the ways you manage to enchant those around you, pushing others to always seek your closeness. An aspect that is due to your being relaxing, simple, and elegant at the same time. Just like white which in its simplicity is always able to dazzle everyone.

Scorpio – Green
It could be said that you contain different colors ready to emerge in different times and ways. Among the many, however, one that certainly represents you more than others is green. Whether it is clear like the water of the sea or dark and decisive like that of the woods, little changes. Green has always been a fascinating color that in some ways is full of mysteries. If in the right shades, however, it manages to relax souls, giving them a sort of tranquility. It is therefore an unpredictable color. A color that can be declined in always different ways and that in this fully reflects your temperament. Temperament is always dynamic and constantly evolving.

Sagittarius – Beige
The color that suits you is that of the earth kissed by the sun, the sand of the desert, or the beige that you can find in clothes, coats, and accessories of various kinds. A color that at times may seem dull but instead is alive and pulsating. Just like you. A color that makes you think of camels and distant countries, which recalls the sea beach in summer and which, like you, is free to roam in different contexts without losing its personality. Just like beige, you too tend to put something of your own into everything you do and that makes you extraordinarily unique. Just like this color that is often forgotten but instead is more present than you think.

Capricorn – Blue
The perfect color for you? The blue. That color recalls the infinity of the sky above your head and the depth of the ocean in which to reflect. A color that smells of freedom but that does it in an orderly and discreet way. Just like you who love to achieve important goals by following your pre-set script and being able to communicate the best of you. A color that represents very well and that you often like to contemplate for the sense of peace and relaxation it gives you. Just like you do when you know you are needed or when, more simply, you want to spend your time with the people you love.

Aquarius – Sugar paper
A well-defined but at the same time difficult to identify color is sugar paper. Perfect to represent your way of being often over the top. A color that in some ways recalls blue but which is not really always enchanting because of its uniqueness. A uniqueness that fully reflects you, especially when you try to show yourself for who you are by showing your unique personality, strong and brought towards self-expression, first of all.

Pisces – Violet
The so-called blue-violet is the color that best represents you being rich in shades and often associated with dream activities. A bit like the amethyst which for many is the stone of dreams, you represent that form of conjunction between rationality and dreams. Dreams that you carry by helping others to better live things and always feel an immense charge in your presence. Your special being is best represented by violet and the emotions it gives through invisible but perceptible vibrations. A color that is probably also one of your favorites because of its authenticity.

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