Zodiac signs and mood. Here’s what to do to cheer yourself up when the mood is under your shoes sign by sign

Among the many aspects that it is difficult to control is certainly the mood. There are people in the world who are more or less humoral, so if some manage to keep themselves quite stable beyond what happens to them during the day, others tend to go from stars to stalls in a nano second, sometimes even for trifles that in their eyes, however, they look quite different.

This particular feature can be attributed like many others to the influence that the stars have on each zodiac sign. Fortunately, the way to remedy a black day is also often written in the stars. So, after having seen what the month of December will be like for each of us and having discovered whether or not we are narcissistic, today we will see what is the one thing that promises to cheer us up more easily and with the least possible effort. In this way, even the days started with a crooked foot can easily straighten up, seeing us smiling again. Since this is an aspect related to feeling, it is advisable to also check the profile relating to the ascendant.

Here’s what to do when you feel out of sorts or in a bad mood

Aries – Get Moving
One thing that makes you feel good is getting moving. This way you feel alive and as if everything could improve at any moment. If you’re out of sorts, then a gym session could help you as long as you choose activities like aerobics or anything else to do with dancing. Even a wild dance in your room can give you the right sprint to reset your day and if you really don’t feel like going that far, there is always the option of a good jog after which you will feel mentally freer and surely more serene, especially if you bring good music with you during your 30 minutes of leisure.

Taurus – Cooking Something Good for Friends
Nothing beats a good dessert to cheer you up. Being a lover of good food and a person who loves to receive others, the perfect way to lift a bad day is to invite friends over for tea and get in the kitchen to prepare a good dessert. Something simple will do as well, as long as you feel inspired and willing to share something good with the people you love. In this way, any sad thought will go away more easily, soon replaced by the charge of good humor that only a good dessert can give.

Gemini – Meeting Friends
When dark thoughts knock on the door, the best way to respond is to ignore them and go out with friends. For you who love to live and enjoy every possible moment, an afternoon with friends will be a good way to chase away the sadness. Even better if you have the opportunity to get together with the whole group for a nice aperitif during which to chat about this and that, thus relieving your soul and enjoying the company of the people you care about. Only in this way will you be able to reassure yourself of any disappointment, reducing any possible problem and even starting to see possible ways out that can make you feel alive and full of good energy again.

Cancer – A romantic date
Unless the cause of your sadness is the person you love, a situation in which it is preferable to spend an afternoon with your best friend, what makes you feel better is having romantic moments with the person. you love, so as to remind you how good it is to love and feel loved. An outing for a movie or a hot chocolate to share will be a good way to put aside any negative thoughts, giving you moments of serenity that in addition to giving you relief will act as a charge for the next dark moments.

Leo – A good shopping session
What’s better than a shopping session to cheer you up? Being able to buy something beautiful and able to make you feel even more beautiful is certainly a good way to chase away worries and sad thoughts. Even better if your purchases are made in the company of a trusted friend with whom you can chat and talk about your problems over a cup of coffee. Taking a break from the many commitments that haunt you will be ideal for disconnecting your mind and finding creative solutions to what is bothering you. So better start getting busy!

Virgo – Dedicate yourself to your favorite hobby
For you, dark thoughts are a little on the agenda. Not being among the most positive people in the zodiac, in fact, you often tend to get caught up in unpleasant thoughts that have the effect of putting you in a particularly bad mood. To solve everything, the best solution is to dedicate yourself to a hobby that knows how to relax and, above all, allows you not to think too much. In this way you can take a deep breath and get away from a mood that is not good for you at all but that somehow you need to chase away with your ways, feeling free to vent your anger to hope for peaceful moments again.

Libra – Take some time for yourself
The best way to relax and find a good mood? A beautiful SPA able to invigorate you and make you feel more beautiful. Knowing that you are taking care of yourself is in fact something that has the power to relax you and make you smile again. And if time is short and an emergency intervention is needed, a home SPA is welcome. Just arm yourself with scented oils, salts and creams of all kinds to already feel happier. A nice relaxing bath, then it will be the final touch to give you a whole new mood and very different from the initial one.

Scorpio – Creating Something
If there’s one thing that makes you feel better and centered with the world around you, it’s creating something. Thinking about new projects or starting something new makes you feel right about yourself and immensely happy and grateful for what you are doing. If you love to write, then, the ideal is to start a new story. Same thing goes for drawing, sculpting or anything that could mark a new beginning. What if the creative vein is not there? Prepare a good dish to present to your loved one, start a puzzle or buy a diary to write about yourself and what your torments are. The watchword is to create, everything else will be just an exercise in style.

Sagittarius – Pilates
Do you want to feel better immediately? Indulge in a nice section of Pilates or if you really want to overdo it with yoga or meditation. If in the first case you will be able to unload your nerves, in the other two cases you will be able to travel without moving an inch from home, allowing your mind to wander and elaborate the reasons why you suddenly feel out of sorts. Being in a bad mood, in fact, is not a thing for you and for this reason it is difficult to deal with it directly. Better to stem it with different methods than usual but which could have an excellent effect with you, making you go back to being the same in a few hours or, even better, of a single session.

Capricorn – Taking Stock of the Situation
Facing dark thoughts is far from pleasant for you. On the other hand, taking them head on is the only way you know to push them away, feeling more refreshed and confident. A good way to relax is therefore to sit in front of a good coffee and take stock of the situation, devising new strategies to solve everything. Only then will you be ready to smile again, perhaps engaging in some activity that can make you feel lighter like reading a good book or listening to some of your favorites. Of those that always make you feel charged, even when you are not in the fullest of energy.

Aquarius – An afternoon all to yourself
If you’re feeling down, the best way to get back on your feet is to cancel as many commitments as possible and dedicate a whole afternoon to yourself. So you can spend your free time reading, listening to music or watching a movie. Even playing video games can be an activity that can make you feel free and give you the right adrenaline. What matters is that you are able to enjoy the privacy that is very important to you, thus feeling at the center of your world and ready to recharge your batteries. However negative thoughts may be, in fact, you know well that moments of sadness are destined to go away as they arrived. The best solution, therefore, is to sit back and wait for them to pass.

Pisces – Reading about other worlds
Your need to dream becomes even stronger when you feel overwhelmed by problems or negative thoughts. For this reason, whenever you feel out of sorts, you should read a good book. In this way you can immerse yourself in other worlds, dreaming of what you prefer and browsing through the lives of people that you will choose from time to time according to your need. Reminding you that there are different stories and situations in the world and of all kinds will help you feel better about yourself and rekindle that flame that usually makes you charged and that when you are sad it just needs a few positive thoughts to get back to burning. stronger than ever illuminating your life.

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