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These three zodiac signs are Leo’s worst enemies. They don’t get along and have a hard time staying more than a minute in the same room

The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun and, for this reason, has a very fiery character. This sign is willing to do anything to win a victory , it would do anything to cross the finish line before the others. Sometimes he exaggerates and (perhaps) regrets it, but at that moment the Leo is only interested in achieving his purpose. Leadership is the main goal in the life of a person born under this sign of the zodiac.

This sign sees the Sun transit from 23 July to 22 August, in the height of summer. This is the season he loves the most, also because he needs to charge his batteries before returning to work. Leo ‘s professional life is always very active. Due to his strong character, this sign does not get along with everyone. Indeed, with some signs there is a kind of hatred. Here is the ranking of the three zodiac signs that do not get along with Leo .

The three zodiac signs that don’t get along with Leo

Pisces : One of the least compatible signs with Leo is Pisces. Who was born under this sign of the zodiac has a particular character and does not get along with everyone . The main problem with these two signs is the completely opposite mentality they have for dealing with life. Leo is open, speaks to everyone, is exuberant and hardly keeps a sign; Pisces are reserved, speak little and prefer to keep their emotions intimate. Two opposite worlds!

Aquarius : in second place in the ranking we find the sign of Aquarius. Those who belong to this sign of the zodiac do not get along with Leo for several reasons . The most important is certainly linked to the confidentiality of the Aquarius. As for the sign of Pisces, Aquarius is linked to privacy, they hardly confide in others and only do so if they blindly trust their interlocutor. The ease of the Lion puts the Aquarius to flight, annoyed by all this useless (according to him) exuberance.

Taurus : The worst pairing for Leo is with Taurus. These signs are not understood, often not tolerated. Leo struts too much and doesn’t like others to do it too, Taurus likes to show off his victories and Leo doesn’t like it. These two signs are often rivals, especially from a business point of view. They make war, they would do anything to eliminate each other. A really bad couple, impossible to get a Leo and a Taurus to get along.

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