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What Are the Zodiac Signs on Whose Shoulder You Can Cry Without Restraint

We all want to have a person next to us who is available for us at any time of the day or night. That person who knows how to listen, who doesn’t criticize, who gets involved in solving our problems, and who even sheds tears when we cry.

Usually, the best friend fulfills all these requirements of the soul, but it is not always like that. The reason? Not all signs are endowed with these qualities. Before you run to cry on someone’s shoulder, hoping that it will help you feel better, I think you would like to know if you are running in the right direction. Here are the signs on whose shoulder you can cry without restraint, according to astrologers:


I know what you’re thinking: this enigmatic, strategic sign, always looking for thrills, could never be a good shoulder to cry on. Well, think again. “Scorpio is the one who knows best how to keep a secret,” says Aliza Rose, a professional astrologer at The Business Mystic. “They will take your tears, fears, and secrets to the grave with them”.

Indeed, the loyalty and support of this sign are unmatched. “For those they trust and support, they will continue to fight until the end,” says Melissa Rhodes, co-founder, and psychologist at Psychics 1on1. Being a water sign, Scorpio will help you solve problems more easily.


Sagittarius is recognized as energetic, spontaneous, and intelligent. And, according to astrologers, this fire sign is also a good shoulder to cry on. “Sagittarius has an extremely good and cheerful energy that will make you feel the same way, making it difficult to feel disappointed when you are in his company,” says Laura Layes, creator of the Astro Huns astrology community. “Sagittarius can take you on an unplanned trip to Bali just to help you feel better. That might not solve the problem, but hey, it’s a free trip to Bali.”


Your Leo friend is most likely a bold, fiery, and always optimistic guy. If you ever turn to him in a moment of need, he might surprise you with his careful care and advice. “It is in their nature to be far above the average compassion that an ordinary person has,” says Aliza Rose. “Leos always have wise advice for anyone in trouble.” Since Leos have an energetic and optimistic personality, it’s hard not to feel better after talking to them.


If you prefer to vent in front of someone who won’t ask you too many questions, call your Taurus friend. This patient and an intelligent sign will give you the space you need to calm down. “Taurus is a little more reserved, so they won’t turn the moment into one about them,” says psychologist and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. “Even if they’re not emotional, you’ll be able to vent to them without feeling judged.”

In addition, they will nourish your mind and body. “One unique quality they have is that they always have some snacks ready,” says Honigman. “Come to cry on their shoulder and you have every chance to stay at a feast.”


Do you have a friend whose empathy exceeds all expectations? He was probably born under the sign of Pisces. “These individuals can take on the feelings of those who share them,” says coach and astrologer Linda Berry. Most experts consider this sign to be the most empathetic of all.

Other factors make him a good shoulder to cry on. “When you need someone to validate your emotions and listen to you, look for your Pisces friends,” says Andrea Scalisi, astrologer, and founder of The Haven Shoppe. “They have a natural talent for meeting people, wherever they are, who need them, without trying to force them to fix something or offer unsolicited advice. Don’t be surprised if this deeply emotional sign ends up crying with you.


According to astrologers, Cancers are the most suitable people on whose shoulders you can cry. This emotional and compassionate sign cares and will do anything to help his friends. “Cancers are loving and warm, emotionally available,” says Inbaal Honigman. “They will be with you so deeply, that they will be able to feel what you feel, they will go through all situations for you and with you,” Honigman says you don’t have to feel guilty for influencing your Cancer friend’s mood. On the contrary, this zodiac sign loves a good emotional release.

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