Zodiac Signs


Astrology enthusiasts know it well: each sign of the zodiac has its own characteristics, its most peculiar traits, its specific qualities and its own defects. Some characteristics can then accumulate more signs, make them similar or not very compatible.

For example, let’s talk about laziness : did you know that there are absolutely three laziest signs of the zodiac ? it reveals which ones.


The only thing that can tear you away from your beloved blankets is the mirage of a gain (let’s face it, your wallet has its own weight for you). To go to work and be productive you make the effort to get up every morning but, if it were up to you, you would bring the bathroom, kitchen and office all in bed, the place you absolutely prefer. It takes five minutes to fall asleep, perhaps because your body and mind are in agony at that moment.


Sleep for you is not so much a simple pleasure as an urgent and inalienable need, which you are more than happy to indulge. So you put aside any mundane commitment or event and prepare yourself meticulously to sink into the sheets: you take off your make-up, apply your cream, your body oil, a few drops of perfume, and … welcome Morpheus! When the sun rises you will be equally accurate in managing your awakening: you know that taking your time is essential for you so you will set the alarm clock a few minutes early to get out of bed really ready for the new day.


Your laziness is hidden from the world, hidden by a series of clichés that you pronounce ad hoc to give yourself a frantic, super active, always busy appearance. You say you have difficulty falling asleep because your mind is perpetually shipwrecked between the various commitments of an increasingly busy schedule but, in the real world, you can’t wait to reach the bed and, as soon as you touch the pillow, you sink into the world of dreams. There is no noise that can wake you up and the alarm clock is also suitably silenced, even with the strongest manners.

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