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These zodiac signs are very much courted by others and do nothing to reject these advances: here are the top three places in the ranking

There are people who manage to attract others in a completely natural way , they have a kind of magnet on them. These people love to be wooed and enjoy when they get a compliment . The reasoning applies to both men and women, the nature of these people is mainly linked to the zodiac sign they belong to. This is why some signs of the zodiac are more courted than others.

These signs manage to make conquests without doing anything, they just have to wait for the right moment and the person they have their eyes on will approach and attempt an approach . It is almost a magical event and yet it repeats itself over and over again. Today we will discover the ranking of the most courted zodiac signs , do you think your sign deserves to get on the podium? Scroll the text down and you will find out!

The most courted zodiac signs: the podium

Pisces : in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Pisces. If a person born under this sign is in love, she goes out of her way to get the attention of her loved one. Everything that comes next is a question of chemistry, alchemy and magic.

Leo : in second place in the standings there is the sign of Leo. The Lion is proud, he goes out of his way to be courted because he has to add a prey to the list of conquests. Then it is not certain that the relationship will continue. Indeed, it almost always ends before it even begins because the Lion is only interested in attracting the attention of others and proving to everyone that he is the best.

Taurus : the highest step of the podium is occupied by the sign of Taurus. Those born under this zodiac sign prefer not to take the first step. For this reason, the Taurus loves to be courted and always manages to behave in a way that attracts the attention of others. When he is courted, the Taurus indulges and returns the interest. Taurus likes to be courted even in the workplace, his goal is to make everyone understand that he can represent an important resource for the company.

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